Kaushal is well-known for designing the SEO architecture of the Myntra website and SEO platforms that made the work of the SEO team quick and easy. In his presence, the SEO visits of the Myntra website had increased significantly. His foresightedness of retaining the Myntra website URLs even when Myntra went app-only was highly appreciated by many senior leaders in the organisation. This helped Myntra to succeed in SEO as soon as the website was made live again in May, 2016. His prowess in technology and product, plus his love for search engine optimisation makes him one of the very few SEO consultants worldwide.

Raam Nayakar

Marketing Strategy at Myntra.
It has been multiple years since we were looking for the right SEO partner in India for a complex internet product. Considering the number of SEO agencies in India it was like finding a needle in the haystack. Finally, the team from INFIDIGIT was able to provide all the answers to our questions & help us in implementing the right changes to our product. Technical SEO expertise that these guys bring on the table is unprecedented in India. Strategic guidelines and SEO roadmap provided by the team is helping us to stay ahead of competition.

Tarun Goyal

Founder & CEO at Simplotel
Kaushal is a result-oriented and ROI driven digital marketing expert! He is a self driven professional who will add lots of value to any digital marketing organization he choses to run. He has an in-depth and unmatched knowledge of organic search, along with a detailed understanding of paid digital marketing. He is also a great people leader and I have seen his team love him. I wish him all the best in his career!

Manish Kalra

Chief Marketing and Business Officer at Craftsvilla
I am happy to have been part of Kaushal’s team at Myntra. His data driven approach, detailed tracking and sound technical knowledge helped the team crack multiple X of organic traffic growth. Under his guidance, we also won the "Best SEO strategies" award from various organization. He is performance driven and helps the team constantly push the envelope. He is a great leader who mentors and guides his team to succeed!

Ramprabu Chennakesavan

Senior Manager - Growth at Paytm
I had the privilege of working with Kaushal as part of the Digital Marketing Team for more than 2 years at Myntra.com. In all my years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities and Kaushal is one of those people. He is well known for his work ethics, positive attitude and leadership skills. He was the go-to person for SEO and Google Analytics at Myntra. I learned the nuances of driving SEO at scale for e-commerce and enterprise websites while working with Kaushal. He was more of a mentor than a manager to me. Thank you, Kaushal!

Bhaskar Reddy

Digital Marketing & Mobile Marketing Manager at Sivvi
Kaushal is a leader who is ready to accept challenges and can lead the team effortlessly to achieve organizational and project goals. Under his leadership, the team developing a portal for an Insurance company increased multiple times. He has a knack of measuring deliveries, providing the right metrics and managing multiple programs simultaneously. He is a good person to work with and I would like him to work for me again in the future.

Prasanna Lahoti

Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor; Information Technology Professional
Kaushal has a multitude of skillsets, including a strong stint with internet marketing, IT project management and pre-sale support during my tenure at 3i Infotech. He is very soft-spoken while being aggressively proactive in coming up with innovative ideas and presenting them. He has now taken a decision to follow his heart and I wish him all the best.

Meera Srinivasan

Business Leader - IBM
Kaushal is a game changer for any company! I've never worked with anyone so dynamic, creative and focused. He takes problems, crushes them and methodically erases the barriers until he achieves success.

Brad Curtis

VP of Global Sales & Strategic Accounts at eZdia Inc.