Types Of Mobile Marketing Strategies

App based

Over 80% of people who use mobile devices spend their time on several apps. Using tools like Google's AdMob, you may create mobile advertising strategies focused on placing ads on various apps.


This type of mobile marketing is targeted towards the millions of mobile games out there. Ads displayed within mobile games can appear as pop-ups, banner ads, or even full-screen ads depending on what the game developer offers.

QR- Code

Users get taken to specific pages when they scan a QR code, which is often associated with gamification and offers a certain mystery to them.

Location Based

Location-based mobile marketing targets users who are within the proximity of the services being promoted. Based on the user’s location, ads appear on their device which aim to bring them to visit a business.

Location-based Mobile Search Ads

These are the simplest forms of mobile advertising. These ads appear to the users based on their mobile searches and history.


SMS marketing involves acquiring users’ phone numbers, and sending them offers in the form of text or personalized texts.