Types of Sitelinks

Organic Sitelinks

You can have up to six organic sitelinks on different pages of your website, and they are mostly utilized for branded phrases. These sitelinks are mostly seen on the top search results pages.

One-line Sitelinks

One-line sitelinks are a common type of sitelink. These can be appear on various types of search query and can contain up to four links.

Sitelinks Search Box

Sitelinks search box is a sort of sitelink that allows visitors to request and directly access the website's search results on the SERP. It is mainly used by big brands. Google automatically includes it in the results.

Paid Sitelinks

You can pay for sitelink extensions to show up in ads in addition to organic sitelinks. Paid sitelinks provide you full control over the text and URL on the ads, unlike organic ones. Paid sitelinks don't rely on Google's algorithms or the information on your website, either.