Account Level Quality Score

Account Level Quality Score is the combined SEO quality score Google gives a marketer based on the performance of all keywords used and campaigns run using their Google Ads account.

Keyword Level Quality Score

Keyword Level Quality Score is fairly straightforward to understand. It is the Quality Score that Google merits your keywords and is up for display in the Google Ads interface.

Ad-Level Quality Score

Besides your Account Level and Keyword Level Quality Score, the ads that you have running in different groups via your Google Ads account also determines your Google Ads Quality Score. All of these ad groups will have a different CTR.

Landing Page Quality Score

Google rewards landing pages that contain original and valuable content, are transparent, and offer easy navigation. Google’s objective is to pressure marketers into creating landing pages that will eventually provide value for Google users.

Display Network Quality Score

The Display Network makes different bidding options and the factors which finally end up contributing to your Display Network Quality Score depend on which you choose.

Mobile Quality Score

Google uses the same metrics to award Mobile Quality Score as it does for overall Quality Score. The only other metrics that it considers are business location and distance between users, when available. It does this by tapping into device location and locations extension data.