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Best Google Alternatives



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This search engine needs no introduction. It is the most used search engine globally, known to capture over 3 billion searches daily. Google is a search engine that can be accessed from any device, and provides the most holistic search results, with a repository of over a trillion resources.


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YouTube, launched in 2005 as an independent platform, was purchased by Google after just a year. As a result, Google owns the largest search engine for videos too.  YouTube caters to over 1.5 billion logged-in users every month, with over 1 billion hours of content added to the platform daily.



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Yahoo has been in existence for almost as long as Google. It is one of the biggest email service providers in the world, falling just behind Google’s Gmail. However, Yahoo’s search engine is also a very big player in its domain. Having an average of 2% of the market share among search engines, Yahoo is the 3rd most popular search engine in the world.


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Often seen as a great alternative to Google, Bing is the closest competitor to the search engine giant. Bing has a staggering search engine share on the web, recording between 2.55% and 12.61% of the share. 



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Baidu was launched in China in the year 2000. It is the most used search engine in China, holding over 80% of the market share in the country, whereas Google holds a mere 0.61% of the market share. However, Baidu isn’t a popular option outside of China.



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Yandex is the most visited search engine in Russia. Similar to Baidu, this search engine is only popular in Russia, being the country’s 4th most visited website. Outside of Russia, the search engine’s market share ranges between 0.45 and 1.41%.



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DuckDuckGo search engine is popular primarily because it offers a safe and peaceful searching experience, as it doesn’t ask for or store your personal information. The website records almost 50 million searches every day. This search engine giant doesn’t operate in conventional ways either.


Blue Rings primarily operates on the question and answer format, with search engine capabilities. Users can ask questions on this platform, which are mostly answered by other users, and the others are answered in the form of polls. Its question/answer format is a big attraction for users looking for their queries to be answered. But it still holds 0.42% of the search engine market share.



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AOL is an old-time favourite of millennials. It still ranks among the top 10 search engines in the world, with a market share of a mere 0.05%. The search engine company was acquired by Verizon Entertainment in 2015 and still operates as a search engine.



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Launched in the year 1995, Amazon is a true pioneer in steering the eCommerce platform and also a primitive internet company. The company has become so successful that it is rivalling Google for shopping product searches.



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Launched by Naver Corporation in the year 1999, Naver is South Korea’s first indigenously developed search engine. At a time when the internet was still evolving and Google was just a year old, Naver was making a name for itself in the region of South Korea.


CC Search

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Abbreviated as Creative Commons search, this search engine rolled out from the maker of CC Licences, which takes care of retrieving works of art that are made available to the public. From images to sound effects, CC search allows aspiring creators to find any form of artwork that they could use for their non-commercial projects.


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