Best blogging Platforms to publish your Blogs


After gaining popularity, WordPress began to offer themes, plugins, pages, custom post types, etc. Eventually, it became one of the best content management systems (CMS) the world has ever seen.


Wix complements the services provided by and is one of the best options for beginners who want to build a blogging platform.


Blogger is one of the earliest blogging platforms in existence. This free blogging platform was acquired in 2003 by Google from Pyra Labs, who launched it in 1999.


If you are looking for a blogging platform that has a built-in audience and social networking features, Medium is perhaps the best option for you.


Squarespace has enterprise-grade professional templates to choose from. The platform offers many themes and designs which can go toe to toe against big websites.


If you are an aspiring visual blogger, i.e, if you enjoy creating images, infographics, GIFs, and so on, to complement your content, then Tumblr is the blogging platform for you.


LinkedIn aims at creating a professional networking environment for its 260 million monthly active users. Whoever has a LinkedIn profile can publish posts or blogs to reach their connections and the larger active audience for free.