Blogging Tools to Brainstorm Unique Content Ideas

This blogging tool enables you to explore trending keywords, evergreen topics, and the most searched queries related to your industry. While the content analyser section of this tool generates engaging headlines for social media, the topic analyser section helps generate interesting topics.


Data states that over 300 million people use this platform to either find answers to their questions, or provide answers to questions asked by others. As a blogger, you can find trending queries on Quora and base your content on them.


This blog tool is offered by HubSpot. You can use this tool to come up with topic titles. In the blank field on the Web page, you need to enter nouns. You can add up to five nouns by entering the words and clicking the Add button.

Blog Ideas Generator

This blogging tool provides tons of content ideas from social media platforms. This tool’s Social Media tab provides information about which posts from the given site have received the most engagement.

Quick Sprout

As the name implies, it provides you with super cool topic ideas based on topics trending on Twitter. The tool allows you to personalize hot topics and receive tailored tweets from the specific geographical location, people, or brands that you follow.

Trending Twitter Topics

LinkedIn Pulse is almost identical to Trending Twitter Topics. The only change is the social media platform. The application pulls topic ideas from the current LinkedIn trends as well as the people or brands you follow.

LinkedIn Pulse