Examples of Websites Using Pagination


Along with giving next page and previous page options to users who are searching on the page, Myntra also provides category pages with special filters to make sure people see the precise products they are looking for.

Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

Users has option to browse any category on SEJ due to their choices. For users, the website has a "Suggested Articles" part and a "More Resources" feature on each of its blog pages. Users have access to plenty of content on a single page, which they can view according to their preferences.


The best way of offering clients with a smooth experience on Slideshare's platform, it collects material across a wide number of categories, is to paginate the content. The site offers users either numerical or alphabetical pagination.

Search Engines

Pagination is done by Google in a very simple and simple. If users can't find relevant results on the first page of Google's search results, they receive other search keywords at the bottom of the page. This boosts the user experience and makes it easy for users to find the precise results they seek.