How to make SEO Friendly Websites?

Unique Content

You must make sure that all of your pages include original content that is without plagiarism. Plagiarised material may drastically decrease your website's SEO friendliness since search engines notice it.

Optimized Images

Large website graphics can increase speed page load time, which is bad for your website. You must make sure that your images are optimized and that you have added alt text so that search engine crawlers know what the images are about.

Responsive Website

All devices should be able to see the pages of your website without any issues. To maintain your website's SEO health, you must correct any errors if your pages or website are unresponsive on any device.

Internal Linking

Internal linking gives search engine crawlers an entire map of your domain. It helps crawlers in collecting related web pages together and building a solid internal architecture to increase the SEO friendliness of your website.


To ensure a consistent user experience across all platforms, the website should be mobile-optimized. As mobile friendliness is increasingly a crucial component in search engine algorithms, this is also crucial for search engine rankings.

Clean URL Structure

Your website's URL has to be neat and follow best practises for indexing by search engines. You must make sure that permanent links are all lower case, descriptive, divided by dashes, and, if possible, use organic keywords for more visibility.