What is the Importance of Website Structure?

A Smooth User Experience

Users will want to spend more time on your website if it is appealing and informative, with simple navigation, boosting dwell time and minimizing bounce time. This, in turn, indicates to Google that your website is the best result to display for a search query, which could improve your rankings.

Good Site Structure can get you Sitelinks

Sitelinks in a SERP display the most important pages on your website. These have a significant SEO benefit and can improve your clickthrough rate, boost your brand's reputation, and help you rank higher in SERPs. Google gives sitelinks to websites that have an excellent site structure.

Improved Crawling

A well-designed website structure with appropriate internal linking would benefit not only users but also crawlers by allowing them to discover relevant content.

Prevents from Competing with Your Website

You may have several blog articles on the same topic. If your site is properly designed, it can help you prevent competing webpages and keyword cannibalization.