Broad Match

Broad match type of negative keywords prevents your ads from showing up in searches which include every single word of your keyword phrase,  in any order.

Phrase Match

As the name suggests, phrase match type negative keywords prevent your ad from showing up on very specific search queries. Brands use phrase match type negative keywords to prevent their ads from showing up on search queries with specific phrases or additional words with the phrase.

Exact Match

Exact match type negative keywords are widely considered the most effective type of negative keyword because they prevent your ad from showing up for exact phrases or terms

Benefits of Adding Negative Keywords

1.  Improves conversion rate

2.  Cost-effective

4.  Improves CTR

3.  Generate more relevant ad groups

5.  Attract more relevant users

How to Identify Negative Keywords

start building your negative keywords list. But, how do you identify negative keywords? There are two effective ways:

1.  Manual

2.  Search Terms Report by Google Ads

Learn How to Add Negative Keywords

Now that we have gone over how to find negative keywords, let us dive into how you can add them to your Google Ads account.

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