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PPC enables a controllable, targeted and cost-effective medium to rank higher on Google.  We optimize campaigns and drive revenue for you through smart data-backed decisions.

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How to Drive Greater Brand Growth from PPC Management Services

If you own a brand or company, PPC services are the need of the hour for growing it. Wondering what pay per click advertising (PPC) actually entails? It can help you target customers based on the advertisements that they view.
And this is why you need the right PPC services, courtesy Infidigit, for optimizing your brand campaigns and growing revenues through data-based decisions.

PPC is a highly flexible option that can be scaled up swiftly and used to generate high-quality leads. We research and choose keywords that enable the highest conversions with lower investments so that your PPC campaigns are a success.
Infidigit is the right PPC company to help you keep a check on what the competition is spending on and tweak your campaigns accordingly. Our PPC services will help you create a fantastic landing page with targeted A/B content testing and buttons for calls to action. Additionally, the content specialists in our pay-per-click services team will create a compelling copy that gets the job done.
Our top-of-the-line PPC services will also help in fine-tuning and optimizing existing campaigns for enabling better returns on investment (ROI). The right PPC company, like Infidigit, will help execute several A/B testing procedures for PPC-based advertisement formats. This will improve conversions with comparatively lower investments. We also cover user engagement tracking in addition to keyword performance.
We can also help you drive successful campaigns across Bing. Using our services will instantly help you jack up traffic on your website along with enhancing conversions and overall visibility. This will naturally equate to higher ROI. We at Infidigit also have dedicated experts who can take care of Google Shopping campaigns in case you own an e-commerce website.

How is PPC Beneficial to Your Business?

Pay Per Click is a streamlined and powerful advertising method that can empower your digital marketing strategies and boost their success. Increased lead generation, better conversions, and maximized ROI are the major benefits of refined PPC services from Infidigit.

At Infidigit, we prioritize PPC services with a data-driven approach to create unique and valuable opportunities to optimize your brand’s connection with the existing and potential customer base. Here is how our PPC services can be beneficial to your business:

Ensuring that your advertisements and content are reaching the right place is the most relevant benefit of PPC service. PPC advertising enhances your brand’s visibility across channels and platforms to increase the awareness of your products and services. This helps your business in attaining prospects with a high conversion rate.

PPC marketing is quite easy to get a grasp on. A simple step-by-step guide to paid search marketing can help beginners in getting started with their marketing efforts. Even if your business is way behind the competitors in PPC marketing, you can still create and run your campaign in no time with the help of our PPC services.

Any PPC advertising campaign has to be tested out to see which ads perform better. A/B split testing for PPC ads is a critical part of this process. Creating different and unique versions of PPC ads can help businesses in experimenting with their ads to get valuable insights about what their customers like. This enables businesses to boost their conversion rates.

PPC campaigns can generate immediate results for your business. Driving targeted and organic traffic to your website works almost instantly with paid search campaigns. Delivering ads directly to the ideal customers, PPC ads with good SEO can keep bringing consistent results for your business for the long term from the get-go.

When you choose to advertise your brand in newspapers or on television, you must pay a significant sum. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that those who see the advertisement are your potential customers. In PPC, you pay the search engine directly when someone clicks on the ad. It implies that you only pay when you have a serious sales opportunity and when people are interested in learning more about your company's product. The preceding is what makes PPC an affordable option.

Employing PPC services makes it easier to measure the performance of your PPC campaign. You can use Google Ads and Google Analytics in tandem to track details such as conversions, clicks, and impressions. Simply redirect your PPC traffic to a specific product or landing page in Google Analytics and track the number of conversions. The tool will show you how much you spent on the campaign and what return it generated over your revenue.

There has been data that suggests that 46% of clicks occur on the first three ads that appear on the search engine. It means that if you spend money on PPC management services and they help your ad appear at the top, your chances of getting traffic increase. Also, the traffic you receive is of higher quality, allowing your sales team to contact leads and convert them into buyers. The entire process adds up to help your company double its revenue.

You can tailor your PPC campaign to your target audience. An advertisement campaign that works in one country may not work in another. Similarly, keywords that receive a lot of traffic from one group of people might not work for another. As a result, Google Ads offers a variety of targeting options. These are demographics, custom intent, content keywords, remarketing, in-market, and similar audiences. If you are unsure how to use these customization options, seek the advice of a PPC expert.

Why is PPC a Great Investment For Your Business?

PPC marketing is one of the many forms of search engine marketing that helps brands get ahead of their competition efficiently if executed correctly. The higher your ads about products or services appear on the search engines, the better results you get. There are many reasons why PPC marketing can prove to be a great investment, such as:

  • Instantly reaching target customers for refined traffic on your website with better prospects
  • Appear and outrank on keywords targeted by competitors to get ahead of the competition
  • Generate qualified leads with better chances of conversion to increase revenue and ROI
  • Connect effectively with the local audience for better local visibility and improved grasp on the local market

PPC advertising can prove to be very effective for businesses looking to generate quick results. By availing competent PPC services offered by industry professionals like Infidigit, you can create marketing campaigns with PPC as an element that can help you in achieving your targets conveniently.

Why Infidigit as PPC Service Provider

Being one of the premium PPC service providers, we always aim to increase our client’s digital revenue by practicing the best of PPC strategies. Here are some key strengths that help us to lead the PPC industry:

Dedicated Project Manager

No matter how small or big the project requirements are, we always have a dedicated project manager for every brand. The primary responsibility of the project manager to deliver high-quality results regularly.

We increase your ROI

Through our PPC services, we always aim to improve our client’s ROI. For this, we generate more leads for our brands which lead to an increase in their revenue.

Target Relevant Audience

We understand how hard it is to invest money and do not get returns. This happens mainly because of not targeting relevant audiences. Through our PPC campaign, we only target the appropriate audience that helps you to optimize your budget and get high quality leads.

Regular Reporting

We make sure that our clients are updated with the latest performance reports. These reports also help us to create a roadmap to increase the performance and results for your brand with time.

Make Your Website Rank Higher on Google

You are just one step away from ranking your website higher on Google!

Different Types of PPC Ads

1. Search Ads

In this type of PPC ads, advertisers explore and choose keywords they want to target their ads on. After this, ad copies are created to tell Google Ads to display when these keywords are searched for by the users. These can be video ads, image ads, text ads, and more. An auction system decides which ads will be given priority over the others, as the advertisers also input how much they are willing to pay Google Ads for each click on the ad.

2. Display Ads

Display ads are best for businesses that have a lower spending budget. These ads are shown to people who might have indicated to the search engine algorithms that they are interested in your services or products. Since these ads do not have comprehensive certainty to their targeting compared to other types of PPC ads, they tend to have a lower conversion rate than other forms of PPC advertising. But they also have much lower rates for clicks than search ads.

3. Sponsored Ads

Sponsored PPC ads allow businesses to display their ads across specific platforms in a way that they look like the platform’s content. For instance, Gmail-sponsored ads appear like regular emails on the top of the users’ inboxes. These ads contain relevant information with redirect links to your website which the users can click on.

These ads also accurately target your ideal customers on platforms, as they come with a lot of filters depending on the platform you choose. For example, you can choose a category and even subcategory to target your products’ ads on Amazon.

4. Remarketing Ads

This type of PPC ads are specifically targeted towards people who have already visited your website as they have already shown some interest towards your products or services. Remarketing ads can be the final push needed for these users to convert into paying customers. These ads are used for bringing in the users who almost converted back into the mix and also upselling other products or services to existing customers.

5. Social Media Ads

Social media has evolved into the most effective platform for brand promotion over time. As a result, it has emerged as a popular segment in PPC advertising. You can run a PPC campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This type of PPC is created by focusing on the target audience’s interests, hobbies, and networks. But, before you turn to ads, ensure that your brand is active on social media and that you are already engaging with prospects through comments, posts, and so on.

6. Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are ideal for e-commerce sites that have a diverse product portfolio. If you choose them, your ad will show in a carousel next to the search results. It enables your target audience to review product details and prices on the search engine result page (SERP) without even clicking on them. It is one of the best ways to generate qualified leads because people who click on the ad are already familiar with your product.

7. YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are also referred to as in-stream ads. You might be surprised to learn that YouTube is the second largest search engine, with approximately 3 billion monthly searches. YouTube ads have enormous potential for increasing your reach. This type of PPC can be found on YouTube videos, search results, and display networks. The newly launched in-stream feature places ads in such a way that they break naturally into the most appropriate slot. You could hire a PPC company to help you make such a campaign a success. 

8. Local Services Ads

You will not be successful on the internet if your target audience is in a specific geographical location, but your ad campaign is aimed at a global audience. This is where local service ads come in handy. This type of PPC campaign focuses on a few or a single market and works to improve your company’s visibility in that region. Local service ads are ideal for franchise businesses, plumbers, restaurant owners, and so on. Since such a campaign necessitates special consideration, you should seek assistance from a PPC agency.

9. Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. It provides a fantastic opportunity for sellers from different regions to sell their products without any geographical barriers. Since Amazon is so big, being a seller, you would want your product to appear on the top of the results. Amazon PPC ads can assist you in this regard. It displays your sponsored ad in a prominent location on Amazon. It is the most effective way to drive sales and create brand awareness.

PPC Services Includes

Account Setup

Setting up your account on Google Ads

Page Setup

Testing your landing pages and setting up

Paid Search Ads

Infidigit can help in positioning your brand above your competitors

Display Ads

Boost your reach significantly with Infidigit’s display advertising services


Improve your chances of reaching and getting return business from customers with high-converting chances with Infidigit

Social Media Paid Advertising

Leverage the power of the fastest-growing and most in-demand form of PPC advertising with Infidigit’s specialists.

Google Shopping Ads

If your business has a huge catalog of products, Google Shopping Ads are one of the best segments of PPC advertising for your brand.

Local Service Ads

Infidigit can help you utilize the pay per lead approach for local prospects.

Creating Targeted Campaigns

Amidst online ad campaign formats, PPC is one of the most flexible and scalable options. We build campaigns with the sole objective of driving quality leads for you.

Optimizing Existing PPC Campaigns

As part of our strategic engagements with brands, we constantly keep optimizing their PPC campaigns to achieve better ROI. We run multiple A/B testing campaigns on PPC ad formats to ensure that brands get improved conversions with the same or reduced investment.

Reporting PPC Performance

Your team would be regularly updated on performance metrics of the PPC campaign through detailed monthly reports. We keep you posted on campaign spends and improvements with transparent and insightful reports.  

Setting up your account on Google Ads to begin your PPC marketing campaigns.

Testing your landing pages and setting up engaging, user-friendly designs to improve your conversion rates.

Infidigit can help in positioning your brand above your competitors. Our paid search advertising specialists will competently optimize various elements of PPC campaigns. These include better ad targeting, discovering high-value keywords and bodding on them, developing new bidding strategies for cost optimization, and improving your ROI.

With the best practices for paid search ads employed at every stage, Infidigit can help you in improving your CTRs, Quality Score, and impression shares.

Boost your reach significantly with Infidigit’s display advertising services. Efficient and inclusive, display ads reach over 90% of the users. These ads appear on Google, and its partner websites and reach people who have shown interest in your industry or domain. Infidigit crafts attractive display ad campaigns which can capture users’ attention with catchy texts and alluring images to convince them to visit your website. 

If you have a lengthy sales cycle, our display advertising recommendations can capture the attention of luxury customers, as well as niche customers who can bring in refined business for your brand.

Improve your chances of reaching and getting return business from customers with high-converting chances with Infidigit. Our remarketing strategies target users who have visited or scrolled through your website already and encourage them to become paying customers.

Remarketing ads are comparatively cheaper as they have much lower competition than other PPC ads. Infidigit leverages this and creates highly customer-targeted ads to generate visible results within your PPC campaigns.

Leverage the power of the fastest-growing and most in-demand form of PPC advertising with Infidigit’s specialists. Social media ads can reach a massive number of people on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Infidigit’s specialists employ deep filters to ensure that your ads are programmed to reach the ideal consumers based on their interests, networks, recommendations, and much more. We help you improve your social media presence to ensure these ads reach as many people and generate as much interest as possible for your brand.

If your business has a huge catalog of products, Google Shopping Ads are one of the best segments of PPC advertising for your brand. These ads appear in the form of a carousel on Google, just beside the search results. This helps the users in viewing relevant details about your products before they even visit your website. Infidigit ensures that this advantage is used to its full potential, as the users clicking on these ads have a very high chance of converting. Our specialists can help you create accurate and attention-grabbing ads meant for customers with buyer-intent to boost your sales.

Infidigit can help you utilize the pay per lead approach for local prospects. This PPC advertising approach is quite effective when it comes to costs as well as lead generation. You do not pay for any clicks generated from these ads which don’t convert into leads. While local service ads can only be used by certain types of businesses, Infidigit can help them in leveraging this effective technique and generate organic leads with optimized costs. More visibility for the target audience, better local reach, and leads with a better chances of conversion - local service ads are a dynamic package of all things good for your PPC campaign.

Amidst online ad campaign formats, PPC is one of the most flexible and scalable options. We build campaigns with the sole objective of driving quality leads for you.

  • We research and select the most effective keywords which can give you maximum conversions with minimum investment. We keep a regular check on ad spends by competition and tweak our campaigns to ensure that we don’t lose out on any opportunities.
  • A well-optimized landing page can greatly boost conversions of your PPC campaign. Our team facilitates the best landing page option through targeted A/B testing of content and call to action buttons, to ensure higher conversions.
  • Our content team creates engaging copy for your campaigns through rigorous A/B testing of multiple ad formats ads. We finally go big bang with only those campaigns which are destined to increase your online revenues.

As part of our strategic engagements with brands, we constantly keep optimizing their PPC campaigns to achieve better ROI.

  • We run multiple A/B testing campaigns on PPC ad formats to ensure that brands get improved conversions with the same or reduced investment.
  • Regular tracking of engagement levels of users ensures that we get enough primary data to analyze and tweak the campaign creative and content. This enables us to use the most potent creatives for higher ROI.
  • Our team keeps a close tab on the performance of each keyword in your campaign. We follow a goal based strategy and all our campaign budgets are aligned to give you the most optimum conversions

Your team would be regularly updated on performance metrics of the PPC campaign through detailed monthly reports.

  • We keep you posted on campaign spends and improvements with transparent and insightful reports.  
  • Our team constantly optimizes keyword campaigns to drive more conversions through minimum investments. The same is captured in detailed campaign reports and shared with you on a monthly basis.
  • We provide a custom online dashboard to you for accessing your PPC campaign data and reviewing the same at your convenience.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

The PPC model is driven by keywords. Your ad will appear on the search result if someone searches for the keyword integrated within the ad campaign. For example, if you own a shoe store and your ad is about the best running shoes, it will appear on the SERP only if people search for the exact or similar keywords. This model requires you to invest in keywords related to your industry. The PPC ad model is one of Google’s primary sources of revenue, and it benefits both the businesses that choose this advertising and the ad publisher.

Make Your Website Rank Higher on Google

You are just one step away from ranking your website higher on Google!

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FAQ's on PPC Services

Simply put, Pay Per Click marketing or PPC, refers to a mode of search marketing in which advertisers buy visits to their website by paying a fee each time one of their display ads is clicked. It facilitates a bid based online platform through which advertisers can bid for ad placement in sponsored search results. These ads appear when a prospective buyer searches for their business/product category through a relevant keyword on search engines.

PPC will give you immediate results in terms of website traffic and conversions for your brand. It also gives the most visibility in ROI considering its bid placement platform through which you can easily control advertising spends and tweak your strategies on the fly.

Our teams execute PPC campaigns on Google and Bing. Since they represent almost 96% of search traffic (Google – 93% and Bing – 3% at the time of writing this post), we advise our clients to primarily consider advertising only on these two platforms based on quality, volume, relevancy of searches and target audience.

If done right, PPC marketing facilitates instantaneous growth in website traffic and conversions. Hence, it should be an essential part of your advertising strategy, especially if you are looking for immediate results on your marketing spends.

Google Shopping campaigns are a form of PPC campaigns which are the most relevant for e-commerce portals. They are facilitated by the combination of two platforms: AdWords and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center holds your product details and Adwords is where you set up and run the PPC campaign. We have Google Shopping Campaign experts in our team who will ensure the most optimal and effective campaigns for your e-commerce portal.

Our team uses a mix of in-house and third-party tools to ensure that we get the best out of the paid search campaigns for your business. We use the most cutting edge solutions to track competitor spends, optimize budgets, research and bid on the best performing keywords to achieve the maximum ROI.

If done right, PPC can instantaneously result in leads and conversions for your brand. With the bidding platform, we can control ad-spends on the fly and tweak them for the best ROI for your campaign.

SEO gets traffic to your website organically and without using paid strategies. It’s not an instantaneous solution to increase website traffic and will take at least 3-6 months before you start witnessing some tangible results. If the competitiveness of your industry is high, it may even take longer than 6 months for ranking on traffic-heavy keywords.

SEM on the other hand, uses paid search strategy to instantaneously increase website traffic and conversions for your brand. So, depending on your marketing objectives, you can grow sustain-ably using SEO or invest in SEM to build traffic instantly.

A landing page is the web page which is shown to the user after he clicks on your sponsored ad. The content and call to action buttons on the landing page make it as an important element in a PPC campaign to boost lead generation and conversions. The landing page can be one your existing website pages (provided it has the CTA at the right place) or it can be created separately for a campaign. Our team is adept at creating optimized landing pages which aid in better conversions.

We will work closely with you to estimate your PPC budgets based on planned marketing objectives and investment capabilities. There is no one-size-fits-all budget suggested for a PPC campaign due to the varying investment in bidding for industry relevant keywords.