Negative Off-Page SEO

Link Farming

We are all aware of this grey hat SEO practice. Let me give you an overview of link farms. Link farms are a group of similar inter-connected websites.

Bad Reviews

This takes jealousy to a whole new level. Competitors stoop so low that they tie up with people and organisations to write fake reviews about your business.

Scraping Content

This is a black hat SEO technique that involves scraping (copying) your website content and posting the same on multiple websites.

Pogo Sticking

Pogo sticking occurs when users click on a page in the SERP, don’t find what they are searching for, and exit the page

Negative On-Page SEO

Making changes in Content or Code

This requires some high-level hacking specialisation. But if you are a bitter rival, competitors can go to an extreme extent.

Intentional DDoS Attacks

DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack is a tactic where a large volume of traffic is sent to your website by the attacker. This crashes the server and makes your website unusable.

Delete your site entirely from Google

Sounds crazy, isn’t it? But this can happen to your website. A team member who has quit your company and now works for your competitors might do this. Sometimes such things happen if an ex-employee still has access to the accounts.