Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner provides you with keyword opinions to help you reach people that are interested in your products/services.


This is a free SEO tool that is remarkable for discovering keyword suggestions that are appealing and can be utilised for content marketing and gaining new views. It produces relevant insights and shares the context for those insights.

Google Trends

This SEO tool is very helpful in determining whether the popularity of a keyword is rising or declining. This can be immensely useful in helping to elevate your page optimization.

Keyword Surfer

This is another free SEO tool that can be installed as a Chrome extension. Keyword Surfer is a highly capable SEO tool that provides users with the CPC and searches volume data of any keyword they put into it.

There are several free SEO tools that businesses use, and one such tool is Similar to Google Suggest, provides tons of long-tail keywords relevant to your business.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public should ideally be your go-to place to create a massive list of questions for any keyword.

Exploding Topics

Everyone wants their hands on the latest and waiting-to-explode topics to create content on. But there are not many tools that can suggest topics, keywords and phrases before they hit the limelight.