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SEO Tools – List of Free and Paid SEO Tools

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SEO tools aren’t just for tracking or conducting research on keywords. You can also gain valuable insights into your competitors, and gauge how fruitful your SEO efforts have been. Getting access to reliable, accurate, easy-to-use SEO tools will only make your SEO strategy stronger. With a combination of tools, you’ll be able to build a sound SEO strategy from the foundation.

SEO tools examine the potential of Web pages for a better position on SERP ranking pages. They give data on backlinks as well as insights into SEO engagements on the web. Many tools vary in the terms of their role but also analyze various SEO factors. Some of the most crucial areas to be analyzed are keywords, content, backlinks, domain.

Let us look at the top three SEO tools which can help you rank better on SERPs (search engine results pages):

Tools For Keyword Research

Here are some keyword tools to help you with SEO

  • Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner provides you with two options to get started:

  1. Keyword Planner provides you keyword opinions to help you reach people that are interested in your products/services.
  2. Get search keywords volume and forecasts for keyword performance in the future. Historical Metrics tab will give you 12-month average search volumes for your keywords.

Five Features of Keyword Planner

  1. Spy on and discover your competitor’s keywords. KWP is used to generate keyword suggestions from any URL. This trait can be used to explore terms that are linked to your competitor’s websites and learn the keywords that Google correlates with different brands.
  2. Locate local keywords quickly. Explore Seasonal Trends
  3. Serve as an amazing tool for niche marketers
  4. Create AdWords campaigns easily
  5. Get important keywords with Commercial Intent. With KWP, you can take keywords that are beneficial for your business based on recommended bids. 
  • Keyworddit

This is a free SEO tool that is remarkable for discovering keyword suggestions that are appealing and can be utilised for content marketing and gaining new views. It produces relevant insights and shares the context for those insights.

Analytics Tools

Here are some analytics tools to help you with SEO

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used and successful digital analytics software. It is Google’s free Web analytics software that enables you to analyse detailed specifications regarding the visitors on your website. It provides relevant insights that will assist you in developing strong strategies for your website. 

Five Features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to: 

  1. Form a customised summary under Google Analytics. You can pick report templates that Google Designs offers or you can even create your personal customised report using the drag and drop interface.
  2. Integrate data effortlessly with other tools and platforms
  3. Monitor Bounce Rate, which is one of the most valuable metrics that tells you the proportion of visitors who leave your website after touring only one page
  4. Identify the age, gender, interest, device, and location of your audience
  5. Check if you are achieving your SEO goals. Goals in Google Analytics assist you in tracking the progress of your business. There can be many goals. such as purchase, registering, subscribing to newsletters, downloading ebooks, and so on.
  • Keyword Hero

The Keyword Hero tells you which keywords a user applied to arrive at your page. Understanding the purpose of organic traffic is a fundamental element for e-commerce and Web publishers. 

How to use the Keyword Hero tool?

You can log into your profile and click on “View Analytics” or go to Google Analytics and select the Keyword Hero property. Click on the GA logo on the left corner and search for Keyword Hero.

Technical Tools

Here are some technical tools to help you with SEO

  • Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows Webmasters to monitor and handle their websites using an established portal, which is full of essential statistics. The data is contributed through search engines, which is helpful in improving and optimizing your website in a much easier way.

Five Features of Google Search Console Tool

1) Link Google Analytics with Google Search Console

Google Analytics and Google Search Console look like they give identical information, but there are a few key variations between them. Google Analytics revolves around the kind of visitors that are touring around your site, the number of unique visitors to your website, how they got to your site, the amount of time taken to locate your website, and where your visitors are originating from. Google Search Console provides more internal information, such as who is linking to your site if there is malware or other queries on the site, and for which keyword query does your website show in SERP ranking. 

To get the most maximum data rendered by Search Console and GA. Google Analytics and Search Console, when linked together combines the data from both sources and gives you additional reports. 

Have you added and verified your site in the Search Console? If not, you’ll need to do that before you can proceed.

On the Search Console dashboard, click the site you want to connect to. At the top-right corner, you will see a gear icon. Click on it and navigate to ‘Google Analytics Property’.

This will display a menu of Google Analytics accounts linked with your Google account. Choose the required GA account and click ‘Save’.

2) Review Search Analytics

It shows important search metrics from the website, like clicks, impressions, rankings, and click-through rates. It is simple to refine data in multiple ways like pages, queries, and devices. Further, you can obtain the number of people utilising Image search for visiting your website.

3) Examine Crawl Errors

Examining the crawl error report daily can assist you to solve puzzles related to the crawl stats. Errors associated with Googlebot are displayed here while crawling website pages.

4) Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google serves Web pages that are search engine friendly. Google crawls each page on the site for publishing or indexing on the SERP. The URL is examined for confirmation, which covers alterations in the content, title tag, and so on. This section serves in interacting with search engine bots and discovering whether the page can be indexed or not.

5) Sitemaps and Robots.txt Tester

XML sitemaps are made to help search engines find the pages of your website. It contains a list of the URLs on your website to be crawled. Robots.txt is a text file that tells search engine bots which pages to crawl and which pages to avoid. This file is to monitor which URL is blocked or rejected by robots.txt

  • Hreflang tag generator tool

The aim of using hreflang is to make sure the right content is delivered to the relevant users. Hreflang code enables search engines to return the exact variant of the page on the SERP as per the user’s location and language choices.

Hreflang tag generator tool is an easy-to-use tool to create hreflang tags for any country and language variation of your page. Simply add the particular URL and pick a language and country from the dropdown and produce a hreflang tag for the URL

On-Page SEO Tools

  • Google Rich Result Test

Earlier search results would only contain links. Rich results go beyond. Also called structured data, they include carousels, images, and other non-textual components. Google has developed the Rich Results Test to assist you in testing your structured data and displaying rich results.

How do I check if the website has rich snippets?

The simplest method to verify if your website can support rich snippets is to put it through Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. You can insert the URL or the code, and Google will scan the page. You will know whether you can add rich snippets on the page.

  • Schema markup Generator

Various SEO associated websites have designed free schema markup generators that simplify your work. Just enter the accurate information and add the corresponding code on your website.

Following are the set Free Schema Markup Generators

  1. Schema Markup Generator by Merkle
  2. Google’s Structured Data Helper & Data Highlighter
  3. Schema App’s JSON-LD Generator
  4. MicrodataGenerator.com’s Schema.org Generator
  5. JSON-LD Generator by Hall Analysis

Paid SEO Tools

  • SEMRush Tool

SEMrush identifies SEO trends that occur within your industry niche. It helps you monitor your on-page SEO efforts and optimize your site for better lead generation. SEMrush pulls data to help you understand how you and your competitors are performing. The toolkits combine different reports that you can customize according to your preferences. You can even earn valuable backlinks with SEMrush as it identifies where you can get them from if you aren’t already earning them from authority sites. 

SEO Tools - SEMRush Features


5 Helpful Features of SEMRush Tool

1) Tracking your current success

When you enter your domain name, you will see a general traffic overview. SEMRush traffic analytics show you the traffic you are receiving for both paid and organic channels. You can see if your rankings are improving or getting worse for target keywords.

2) A better understanding of your competitors

SEMRush competitor analysis allows you to get a look at the keywords your competitors are getting traffic for on their blogs or other digital properties.

3) Get better advertising opportunities

SEMRush looks at all the keywords you are ranking for, identifies companies that are paying for ads for these keywords and displays them in a chart.

4) Identify new keyword opportunities

The SEMrush keyword tool is used for discovering new keyword ideas. Example: if you click on a keyword “bsc nursing”, relevant keywords will be displayed. This provides you with keywords with more variation and diversity. 

5) Site Audit

SEMRush is the right platform to check the health of a website. By using this tool, we can find on-site errors in:

  1. Internal and external linking
  2. Title and Meta Description and HTML tags 
  3. ALT attributes for broken images

  • Screaming Frog Tool

Screaming Frog is a small desktop application that crawls the website’s links and CSS images, gathers data and presents it to the owner of the site. The Screaming Frog SEO Spider has the ability to identify various SEO issues.

This tool is extremely robust. It can find bad redirects, meta tags, duplicate pages, missing metadata, Schema categories and a whole lot more. The collected data also includes server and link errors, URLs blocked by robots.txt, external and internal links and their status, page response time, page word count, canonicalization, images with URLs, etc.

Screaming Frog spider obeys the same directives as Googlebot, including the no-follow and no-index tags in robots.txt. However, you can give it unique directives using its own user agent, the “Screaming Frog SEO Spider”. This will help you control it more directly, and give it more access than Google gets.


SEO Tools - Screaming Frog Features


5 Features of the Screaming Frog Tool

1) The list Mode is limited to 500 URLs without a license.

2) Auditing Redirects in a Migration

This feature allows you to upload your old URLs, crawl and follow any redirect chains until the target URL is reached and map them in a single report.

3) SERP Mode

You can switch to SERP mode to upload page titles and meta descriptions directly into the SEO Spider and calculate pixel widths. 

4) XML Sitemap Auditing

You can save an XML sitemap and upload it in the list mode – Screaming Frog will then crawl the XML format natively.

5) AJAX Crawling

JavaScript is not supported by Screaming Frog. However, it crawls sites which adhere to the Google AJAX crawling scheme.

  • AHREFS Tool

AHREFS is the most popular digital marketing tool used for preparing audit reports. You can explore AHREFS backlink analysis, URLs ranking, competitor analysis, ahrefs content explorer and many more features. There might be situations where the backlinks acquired are no longer live. AHREFS backlink checker helps you make a comparison of such backlinks. It shows you two options: ‘Live Index’ shows all the backlinks that are currently present after crawling whereas ‘Fresh Index’ displays all new backlinks that were indexed after the previous crawl but are no longer live.

AHREFS keyword explorer and website ranking tool are commonly used features. AHREFS SEO tool provides a URL rating that guides a webmaster as to which URL is performing well and receiving more links both quantitatively and qualitatively. This helps improve website ranking in the search engine results.


SEO Tools - Ahrefs Features


5 Features of the AHREFS Tool

1) Find how your competitors are acquiring backlinks, then replicate their strategies

Ahrefs is one of the best in the backlink analytics department due to its massive link index. Enter any URL, and Ahrefs provides an in-depth report about the backlink profile. You can utilize these insights to create your own link building strategy and validate target keywords.

2) Explore content opportunities by looking at your competitor’s high-traffic pages

You can also find which of the competitor pages would be easy to outplay. 

3) Get low competition keywords with high traffic and business potential

4) Guest blogging opportunities

Enter a keyword into the Ahrefs content explorer, and it will fetch the domain results which have that keyword in their page content or title. If websites have the targeted keywords on their page, it means that they are relevant to your niche. Check for the ‘one article domain’ box, you will see only one article per domain in the results. Highlighted unlinked mentions will make sure you see sites that haven’t yet linked to you. You can further filter search results by adding a domain rating or published-on date filter. 

5) Fix your broken backlinks to preserve link juice by following this path

Ahrefs > Site explorer > enter your site > best by links > add 404 filter

Follow these steps to identify broken pages on your site by the number of backlinks pointing to them. You can preserve the ‘link juice’ from these incoming links by restoring the broken pages or redirecting them to another relevant page on your site. 

By using these SEO tools, you can observe current and related keywords competitor’s ranking. You need to add these keywords to your list and think of reaching new markets. Multiple SEO tools highlight problems or queries on your website. This data can be important for your website ranking and requires an immediate fix. Hence, an SEO tool can assist you in determining issues and websites to keep it performing efficiently and recommend changes.

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