Top 5  Social Bookmarking Sites


One of the biggest social media platforms and the top social bookmarking platform in the world is Twitter. As everything you publish is quickly saved in your account, it's a great bookmarking tool.


A great example of how social bookmarking tools may be used effective is Pinterest. This website give users the chance to compare their resources with those of other, related ones in place of putting their material or resources on fancy boards.


While signing up, the website asks users which domains they’re interested in such as travel, cosmetics, fashion, etc. It is a great website to engage with your colleagues for sharing various pieces of information while also getting more recommendations for similar types of content!


A social bookmarking service called Pocket takes things to the next level. You can save content from any website on this one, and you can use the features to highlight, annotate, and add says to any or all of the content you're reading.


Reddit is one of the most known social bookmarking services and often referred to as the "front page of the Internet." Anyone can use the platform to add pictures, videos, links to articles, and much more. Users may engage with each other and vote for or against items.