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Social Bookmarking – Checking effectiveness of Social Bookmarking

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What is Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is one of the off-page SEO activities that has been carried out since the early days of SEO to acquire backlinks for websites. Social Bookmarking involves the submission of the webpage links to different link sharing websites like Reddit, Tumblr, Scoop.it, Plurk, pearltrees and the list goes on.

Need to check the effectiveness of Social Bookmarking activity

There are multiple things which an SEO agency tries to optimize, from On-Page to Technical parameters while also building links for the web page using different Off-Page Techniques. It became essential to check if the social bookmarking link building activity help in achieving results since this link submission activity is done at scale. Hence, we decided to run an experiment to check the effectiveness of this activity

Details of the Social Bookmarking Experiment

  • Duration of the activity – 2 months
  • Test URLs – 5
  • Number of keywords tracked corresponding to these URLs – 16
  • Number of links built: 50 Links in a week (10 for each URL). By the end of 2 months, we had built 400 links.
  • Link Submission website: Bookmarking websites with DA>50 
  • Domain – Finance

Note: We ensured that there were no technical, on-page changes as well as off-page activities being done apart from social bookmarking on these pages.

KPIs for this experiment

The key KPIs that we decided to track for this case study are as below

  1. Page authority of these pages.
  2. Ranking of the 16 associated keywords. 

Outcome of Social Bookmarking Experiment

  1. We observed that the Page Authority of these pages did not change after completion of this activity for each of these URLs. There was also no fluctuation in this metric.
  2. Out of the 16 keywords, we observed regular fluctuations in the ranking. At the end of the experiment there were 8 keywords for which the ranking had increased, 3 keywords for which the ranking was stable and 5 keywords witnessed drop in rankings. Below is the weekly ranking data of these keywords.

Keywords Ranking


Though the page authority of the webpages did not increase, we can see that there is an impact in ranking of these keywords due to this activity or it does have some impact on the rankings for a finance domain. However, we recommend you to run a similar activity for your domain and decide based on data whether you should continue doing social bookmarking and include the same in your off-page activities. Also, if you are outsourcing digital marketing services like link building service or SEO services, we recommend you to examine whether social bookmarking as a link building activity has an impact on your domain since this is one of the most common activities done by an SEO agency.

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