The Who, Why, How & What of Digital Marketing.

It is simply online marketing where your brand is promoted using the internet and digital communication. It employs the internet and electronic devices to connect with your potential customers.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marconi used a radio to publicly demonstrate the transmission of wireless signals in England in 1896. After this pioneering act, others were quick to follow in his footsteps and do the same across long distances.

Brief History of Digital Marketing

The ROI for Google Search Ads is around 200%, where over 63% of search engine users are likely to click on a paid ad. Digital marketing is not just here to stay, but to settle as the foundation for all evolutions that would happen in the marketing space in the future.

Importance of Digital Marketing

There were hardly any ways to track impressions, ROI, visibility, & more. Data & its visualization are amongst the biggest advantages of digital marketing. Here are some of the other pros of digital marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing disrupts dynamics by allowing small & medium businesses to target and reach a wide spectrum of audiences, generate leads


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With Data-driven approach digital marketing allows marketers to track KPIs and metrics and ultimately take corresponding actions. 


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With digital marketing, you can conveniently tap into such market segments and target audiences and reach out to those who are actually on the lookout for solutions like yours.

Precision Targeting

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If your marketing budget for a quarter is close to $10,000 & the initial phase of your campaign is not performing as expected, you can stop the campaign immediately and optimize it for the remaining budget.

Campaign Optimization

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Digital marketing allows a business owner in Rwanda or Australia to target a particular user in Norway or India.

Global Reach

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Digital marketing allows brands to target different buyer personas and engage them uniquely. For instance, customers in the awareness stage could be targeted through blog articles or YouTube videos and those in the consideration stage could be nurtured through email sequences.

Target Multiple Buyer Personas

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Digital marketing also enables businesses to engage directly with their customers through social media pages and respond to their concerns and opinions.

 Direct Engagement  & Interaction with Consumers

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Digital marketing is also beneficial for those looking to invest less money and more time to promote their products and services

Zero-Investment Campaigns

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– Digital Marketing for Business to business (B2B) B2B industries and organizations can make great use of digital marketing since their top target is to generate as many leads as they can.

Does digital marketing work for all businesses?

A B2C digital marketing strategy focuses on driving more traffic to the brand’s website, where leads can be generated to be converted down the sales funnel.

Digital marketing for Business to Consumer (B2C)

Planning - Stages of planning: 1) Opportunity 2) Strategy 3) Create an Action Plan

What Makes an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign?

Understanding the Market - 1) Consumer Behaviour 2) Buyer Persona 3) Marketing Strategy

What Makes an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign?

1) Define Goals 2) Define Target Audience 3) Define Budget 4) Balance aid and Free Strategies 5) Optimize Your Digital Assets

How does digital marketing work?

As the number of people increasing on the internet. Not having a digital presence can be a downfall for upcoming brands. Digital marketing has become a game-changer for today’s world.

What is the Future of Digital Marketing?