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Infidigit as an SEO Contract Company

The need for SEO services has evolved over time, and so has the need for a company that can keep up with the ever-evolving shifts in search engine requirements. Infidigit, as an SEO company, is an established name in the industry. With a highly qualified team of professionals that tend to specific domains and industries, Infidigit prevails in offering ventures with a multitude of SEO-related and content marketing services that can help them shine in the digital sphere.

Services Offered by Infidigit

Infidigit specializes in presenting businesses across the world an opportunity to propel their search engine rankings and making their web pages SEO friendly with general and eCommerce SEO services. Here are some of the many types of services we offer:

seo service

Search Engine Optimization

Want to boost your website’s organic sessions? Avail our SEO services to catapult your sessions, and witness your Revenue as well as ROI rise.

ecommerce seo services

Ecommerce SEO

Increase online sales of your Ecommerce store via our unique SEO techniques. Join hands with us to achieve higher rankings, and drive more customers.

Enterprise SEO

Running an enterprise business and struggling to create a digital impact? We specialize in creating growth stories via organic search.

local seo services

Local SEO

Targeting a local demographic for your business? Seek our specialized Local SEO services to attract more customers to your local business and increase your sales.

seo audit services

SEO Audit

Want to understand the scope of website optimization before availing SEO services? Our 270+ point SEO audit checklist identifies key issues that could hamper your visibility on SERPs.

google penalty recovery services

Google Penalty Recovery

A website penalty is a nightmare for businesses. So, reach out to our SEO experts who shall develop effective strategies to reverse penalties and help secure high SERP rankings.

Why Choose Infidigit?

Here are some of the most prominent reasons why Infidigit is the most practical choice for any SEO contract requirements:
Dedicated Team

At Infidigit, we believe in delivering exclusive services for our SEO contracts. We dedicate exclusive teams for our clients to ensure top-tier SEO staffing services. This further helps businesses in solidifying their trust with us. It also gives a chance to work with some of the most experienced individuals in the SEO industry.


Generating optimum ROI is the goal of any SEO contract service provider, and Infidigit takes it up a notch by establishing a periodic reporting of the progress made to all our clients by the provided SEO contracts. By keeping track of the business goals and/or objectives, our contracts firmly ensure that their services are being evaluated based on their performance, and keep them motivated to deliver optimum results.

Over 17 years of experience

Infidigit also boasts an attractive 17+ years of experience in the SEO industry, which is a feat of its own. It is also an indicator of how the company has evolved with the times and adapted to the constant shifts and reforms in the SEO domain. This has helped us be competently prepared for any new developments, and still deliver optimal results.

Leading SEO Company in India

With an elaborate portfolio of delivering exemplary results via a smart and targeted approach, Infidigit is one of the top SEO companies in India. With an established brand identity and the drive to deliver the most suitable SEO services to businesses, choosing Infidigit as your SEO contract staffing provider is a very practical decision.

Helping clients meet their objectives

Infidigit makes it a point to meticulously analyze and understand the client objectives, to ensure the best SEO contract staffing selection for your company. This approach is synonymous with success and has helped us maintain a seamless deliverance of success to our clients.

Handling Multiple Domains

Infidigit also specializes in delivering SEO services to a multitude of domains, including: OTT Platforms, eCommerce Portals and Websites, Insurance, Education, and Delivery Services.

Infidigit’s SEO Contract Staffing Model

Infidigit offers two Models for SEO contract staffing services, which can be differentiated by how they operate. Here are these two staffing models:

In this contract staffing model, Infidigit hires a qualified individual to work on the client’s location daily (or weekly working hours required by the client). This service is restricted to the region of Mumbai only as of now.

The client does candidate interviews and vetting before finalizing him/her/them. Post selection, the candidate works on the client’s website full-time, seated in our office.

Clauses for the SEO Contract by Infidigit

To ensure optimum services delivered by the contract staffing employees, Infidigit incorporates the following clauses to make aware SEO contract employees their responsibilities, as well as define the roles and semantics of the clients and the employees:

  1. a) If working on Model 1, the employee will be on-site working for the client for a period of 6 months to 1 year, depending on the client’s requirements/objectives.
  2. b) If working on Model 2, the employee will be employed full-time with the client and will be reporting to them regularly, seated in Infidigit’s offices.
  3. c) The client and the employee will take the target responsibilities of the client’s requirements or objectives. Infidigit will be exempt from any target or growth responsibilities.
  4. d)  Infidigit offers customized plans for delivering overall growth to the clients.

Infidigit- Reliable SEO Contract Staffing Solutions

With an elaborate understanding of the SEO domain and having worked with premium clients, Infidigit specializes in offering a unique and targeted solution to businesses.

Now, Infidigit has launched a beta service model, limited to Mumbai as of now, to offer SEO contract and staffing services. Our SEO contract services are projected to expand in multiple cities in India. In case you have similar requirements in any other city, you can contact us, and we will let you know the timeline of when we will start offering these services in your city.

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