Avoid potential loss in web traffic and decreasing conversions due to Google penalty.

We ensure that your website isn’t penalized by Panda or Penguin algorithms.


When Should You Opt for Google Penalty Recovery Services?

Have you noticed something unusual in your Google Analytics or Google search console lately? 

Define ‘unusual’, you say? Take a look at the list below:

  • A sudden drop in the number of organic sessions of your website
  • A sudden drop in search rankings for your website
  • Getting messages in Google Webmaster Tools about manual actions


If yes, be warned that a Google update(s) has affected your online business or you have been penalized for implementing a black-hat SEO technique which is frowned upon by Google.

This can lead to major setbacks to an online business and its online ranking. And a drastic drop in its growth rate is certain if appropriate and adequate measures are not taken to stop the damage.

This is where INFIDIGIT can help you!

Our team collectively possesses 15 years of SEO knowledge and has helped large online businesses to overcome Google Penalties.

We at INFIDIGIT specialize in providing the right Google Penalty Recovery Services and can get you right back in business.

Here are some of the biggest Google Penalties which we have dealt with for our clients:


The penalties afflicted by the Google Panda algorithm are primarily due to low-quality content. We take the appropriate corrective action in case your online business is affected by this penalty.

  • Our recovery services begin with a rank check of your website as against your competitors for relevant search terms.
  • We also ensure running tools like Copyscape on your website to check for duplicate content.
  • We optimize pages with poor content quality and block spiders from crawling pages which can’t be optimized.
  • We also ensure that your website is re-indexed by Google post implementing corrective measures.


Google’s Penguin algorithm would penalize your website if it has poor quality backlinks. We ensure an in-depth analysis of your backlinks before initiating corrective measures.

  • As part of our recovery services, we do a detailed analysis of the status of your backlinks through manual and automated efforts.
  • Our team would make use of Google’s disallow and re-inclusion services as part of recovery procedures.
  • Our research would advise you to optimize/remove all specific links for forums/blogs/articles, etc., which might cause the penalty.
  • Our team goes the extra mile to update your website with quality pages which will earn authoritative backlinks.


How does the Panda update affect website rankings in search results?

Panda algorithm update, launched in 2011, ensures that high-quality sites rank higher in search results and lower quality sites are pushed further down. The quality of sites is determined primarily by the originality and relevance of the content on the website. The algorithm penalizes the existence of content farms that copy content or produce really thin content for the sake of SEO.

Can you explain the effects of Penguin penalty in detail?

Penguin algorithm update, launched in 2012, ensures that websites do not engage in black hat link building techniques for manipulating search engine rankings. It rewards websites with better search rankings if they focus on getting quality, authoritative and relevant backlinks and penalizes them with lower rankings if they do otherwise.

How will you retrieve my rankings if my website is affected by Panda penalty?

If your website is hit by the Panda Penalty, here are the things we would do to recover from it:

We shall review the quality of content on your website for errors, originality, grammar, and relevance to the target audience. Post review, we shall rectify it so that it adheres to guidelines.

We will also review and correct your website if you have overstuffed it with SEO friendly keywords. Finally, we will ensure that your website is re-indexed by Google post implementing corrective measures.

How will you recover my website if it's penalized by Penguin penalty?

Should your website be affected by the Penguin penalty, our team would actively work on eliminating the unnatural backlinks by removing them manually or by using the disavow tool. We will make sure that your website has high-quality links and is not over-optimized with anchor text. Our team will also update your website with quality pages to earn authoritative backlinks.



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