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Are you seeking an exponential increase in web traffic for your website, which also results in incremental revenues? Partner with a globally acknowledged SEO company in Mumbai which ensures performance-driven SEO.

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    Organic Sessions

    1.8 Billion+

    #1 Ranking Keyword


    Awards & Recognition


    Organic Sessions

    1.8 Billion+

    #1 Ranking Keyword


    Awards & Recognition



    1.5 Billion+


    1.5 Billion+


    800 Million+


    2 Million+


    800 Million+


    2 Million+

    Trusted by Global Brands


    Since the independence of India, Mumbai has been the commercial capital of the country. The city has been an attraction for decades for its strong grasp on the economy of the country. This has attracted many startups and giant enterprises to set up their offices here. By virtue of this, the businesses here are very competitive, and the search for the right SEO company in Mumbai has been on the rise. 

    If you are looking for an SEO company in Mumbai, Infidigit is here to assist you with carrying out the best marketing strategies with high-end servicing. Infidigit has been helping enterprises and SMEs in gaining organic website traffic and generating more leads, with a team of pristine SEO consultants with over 17 years of experience. We have helped an ostentatious list of clients in their SEO efforts, including brands like Myntra, Zivame, ICICI Prulife, Paytm First Games and many more. We also sport many accolades and awards for our work, like Digital Enterprise Awards 2019, and Gold in DMA Asia ECHO Awards 2019.


    Vipul Oberoi

    Director - Marketing, CSR & Learning at Dun & Bradstreet

    “The efforts of our partner, Infidigit, on SEO have made turned our website into lean, mean ROI-generator. It has now become a pure evidence of how a coherent SEO strategy and creation of relevant content can work wonders for a brand in the digital space.”

    +156% Organic Sessions     +188% Organic Revenue      +186% Organic Clicks

    +156% Organic Sessions
    +188% Organic Revenue
    +186% Organic Clicks

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    seo Mumbai

    Infidigit stands as a stalwart partner to a diverse array of businesses, propelling them into unparalleled digital growth through our cutting-edge strategies. Grounded in a commitment to innovation and growth, we meticulously curate bespoke solutions that cater to unique needs.

    infigidit Mumbai

    Why do you require SEO?

    SEO is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. In order to help you understand its importance, we have simplified the concept into pointers.

    • SEO helps in improving your brand’s visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. It makes it easy for your prospects to find your website whenever they search for any term or product related to your industry. 
    • SEO boosts your website traffic. The more you are visible on the top of the search engine, the more the chances of getting clicks. 
    • SEO is also vital for improving your site authority. If you are wondering why authority is crucial, it is because it establishes your website’s credibility and allows you to obtain more high-quality links. It also gives users the impression that your website contains valuable information.
    • SEO is vital for improving your site’s overall user experience. It optimises your site’s layout, mobile responsiveness, and compatibility while also increasing page speed.

    Services we offer as an SEO Company in Mumbai

    1. SEO Services

    Sustainable growth for your business

    SEO is crucial for improving your ranking. As an SEO company in Mumbai, we begin by researching your competitors and industry trends. We optimise your existing content with high-ranking keywords while also creating new content to attract traffic. We also test your website to see if it is compatible with different devices and how user-friendly it is.

    2. E- Commerce SEO

    Increase your online traffic & sales

    You cannot grow your online store if you are not focussing on eCommerce SEO. As one of the best SEO companies in Mumbai, our SEO practice focuses on optimising metadata, headlines, and, most importantly, product descriptions. Improving internal link structure to gain visitors is also part of this SEO strategy.

    3. SEO Audit

    Improved SEO impact through an in-depth technical audit

    SEO audit is crucial for succeeding in the search engine. You will want to be aware of any flaws in your website and marketing strategies. During an SEO audit, we look for broken links, poor content, spam links, etc. We also perform audits on page speed and responsiveness to determine user-friendliness.

    4. Conversion Rate Optimization

    Convert passive website visitors into paying customers

    Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors who complete a specific task on your site. Such tasks include form filling, signing up, adding to the cart, subscriptions, etc. Under this, we include strong CTA icons, testimonials, adding offers, and effective and user-friendly forms.

    5. Local SEO

    Increase local traffic from your customers

    Local SEO is critical if you own a franchise, a local store, or a restaurant. It makes your brand visible to the people who live within specific geographical boundaries. We begin by listing your company on ‘Google My Business and check if there is consistency across web pages. We also work hard to get reviews and optimise your landing pages.

    6. SEO Penalty Recovery

    Recover from Google Penalty through a focused strategy

    You cannot simply stuff keywords or create multiple websites to pass on links for ranking. Google announces various major and minor SEO updates regularly. If you do not adhere to them, either your site will be taken down, or you will be downgraded in ranking. As a top SEO agency in Mumbai, we find ways to help you overcome this situation and assist in SEO penalty recovery. 

    Link-building practice can assist you in obtaining high-quality inbound links from authoritative domains. In this process, we create linkable assets such as infographics to attract quality links. We also participate on social media platforms by replying to comments, posting updates, and writing guest blogs. 

    8. Content Marketing

    Engage your customers & boost SEO with quality content

    Creating top-notch content will go in vain if you do not market them. We begin by learning about your brand’s objective, marketing strategy, and target customer. We then prepare a content strategy based on various analytics data. After that, we pitch your brand voice through different formats and over various platforms.

    9. ASO Services

    We customize ASO to ensure faster downloads by your targeted audience

    ASO stands for app store optimisation. Just as your website must become visible on search engines, it is equally important for your app to become visible on the play or app store. We assist you in increasing the visibility of your online app in the Play Store search results.


    Why Choose Infidigit as your SEO Company in Mumbai?

    Apart from our rich clientele and awards, there are many reasons for how we reached the heights of establishing ourselves as the best SEO company in Mumbai. Let’s take a look at our comprehensive process to serve our clients with the best in class SEO and digital marketing services:

    Consistent Performance

    The chart of the consistency in successful operation provided by Infidigit to its client has never seen a downward trend. We serve all our clients with full dedication and meet their expectations in terms of developing smart and intuitive SEO and marketing strategies that help them in achieving their short and long-term marketing goals.

    Dedicated SEO Team

    Infidigit is the only SEO company in Mumbai that has a dedicated SEO team for each brand it caters to. This is a testament to how comprehensively dedicated our SEO agency is in serving your goals and making sure that your venture comes out as a frontrunner online on every search page.

    Data-Driven Approach

    As a Search Engine Optimization company in Mumbai, we make it our prerogative to be as thorough and meticulous in our research as possible. Our approach is centered around being data-driven in all our SEO services. This is to ensure that we offer the best results for your business.

    Elaborate List of Accolades and Awards

    Our SEO company in Mumbai has bagged many awards. This speaks about its luminous work history. Some of our prominent achievements are: being the only Indian company as a finalist in SMX 2019, winning Gold in Digital Enterprise Awards 2019, winning Gold in DMA Asia ECHO Awards 2019, and many more.

    Regular and On Point Reporting

    We believe in keeping our clients updated about all the progress of the project. Hence, our clients are always provided with periodic reports, whether daily or weekly, so that they are aware of how far along the services of our SEO company in Mumbai have taken them.

    Increasing Revenue

    Our innovative ideas and implementation, expertise across various industries, and SEO expertise, help us in creating the most targeted marketing strategies for our clients. This, in turn, helps our clients to generate optimum revenue with the help of our SEO company in Mumbai.

    Multiply your ROI with Organic Traffic.


    Anuj Gupta

    Head of Revenue & Product at Zivame

    “We were exhilarated to see Infidigit achieve the target of 100% increase in non-brand traffic, two months before the set timeline. Such spectacular results can only take them forward in the road ahead.”

     +116%  Organic Sessions      +93%  Organic Revenue      +73%  Return on Investment

     +116%  Organic Sessions 
     +93%  Organic Revenue
     +73%  Return on Investment

    Our Process of Ranking Your Website on the Top

    We follow a simple approach to make the complex ranking process look easy. We begin by understanding your requirements and the brand’s objective. After that, we conduct in-depth research on your competitors.  Next, we evaluate where they get links, what content they post, keywords on which they rank, and a few more. We then audit your existing site to check flaws in links, page structure, meta tags, site layout, etc. After we have detailed information on your site flaws and competitors, we then plan our strategy accordingly. In the execution stage, we create well-researched content, social media posts, etc.

    1. Market Analysis

    Market analysis helps us to understand your standing in the industry

    • Before beginning our work on building any strategies for your marketing efforts, our SEO company in Mumbai carries out thorough research of the market trends, competitor SEO practices, and what is working and what’s not for your competitors.
    • This helps our SEO agency in developing the most competent and successful SEO strategies for your website

    2. Website Audit

    We cover more than 270+ pointers while doing website audit

    • Our SEO company in Mumbai has a checklist of over 250 pointers that ensures that the website audits we carry out are as meticulous as possible. This helps us in identifying most of the issues your website might be facing and optimizing them to increase your SERP rankings.
    • Our website audit services are top-tier in recognizing any bottlenecks and providing you with collective feedback on the potential areas of improvement

    3. On-Page SEO

    We work on various on-page seo like meta tags, title tags, header tags and URL structure

    • Our SEO company in Mumbai’s on-page SEO services help in elevating the visibility and accessibility of your website.
    • With intrinsic processes like generating meta and title tags, updating content and making it SEO friendly, internal linking, updating of URL for best visibility from search engines, and much more, our On-Page SEO services ensure that not only your website ranks high on search engines, but is also practicing healthy SEO procedures.

    4. Off-Page SEO

    Influencer activities are implemented to boost ranking

    • We also provide Off-page SEO services for your website by leveraging various parameters to ensure healthy off-page SEO practices. These parameters include, but are not limited to, finding influencers to increase your outreach.
    • This helps in improving your brand awareness and visibility. Influencer outreach activities carried out by our SEO company in Mumbai are high-end and rewarding. 

    5. Technical SEO

    Technical SEO takes care of crawling & indexing of your website

    • Our team of SEO consultants performs an elaborate technical SEO audit of your websites and looks into various elements such as website structure, structured data, Robots.txt, AMP, PWA, mobile responsive website, sitemap validation, crawl error issue, etc.
    • We also offer solutions to fix any technical SEO issues on your website immediately upon detection.

    6. Reporting

    Regular reports help us to track our performance & take future actions

    • While carrying out and implementing all the SEO strategies may be time-consuming, we generate periodic reports according to our clients’ convenience to keep them updated about each and every step of the process.
    •  Using various tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, webmaster, and Ahref, we track the performance of all our SEO efforts and generate detailed reports to keep you updated with our work

    Rubi Gupta

    AVP Marketing & Growth at Spinny

    “Since SEO was an unexplored area for us till Jan 2021, we trusted Infidigit’s SEO team to fulfil our requirements and formulate an action plan. Within 11 months, we observed an improvement in non-brand clicks by 169% and organic users by 131% with more than 800 keywords ranking in the top 10 positions. As a result, our overall organic numbers improved. With that said, we hope to achieve similar milestones in the future.”

    +169% Non-Brand Clicks      +111%  Organic New Users      800+  Keyword rank in top 8 pos

    +169%  Non-Brand Clicks
     +111%  Organic New Users
     800+  Keyword rank in top 8 pos

    FAQ’s on SEO Company

    What is SEO?

    SEO is a practice that is carried out by businesses across the globe for increasing their website traffic organically and making sure that their websites rank on the top on search pages. Optimizing websites to get unpaid traffic is the basic goal of Search Engine optimization. This is achieved through various intrinsic activities pertaining to SEO. Read more about what is seo.

    Why hiring an SEO company is important in 2022?

    Hiring an SEO company in India in 2022 is very important to be carry out for businesses. The main reason behind this is the cutthroat competition in the market. This has urged businesses to elevate their game to reach their audience digitally. SEO experts are the only ones who can pull off the job organically with healthy and legal practices to maintain your credibility and visibility online.

    What does an SEO company do?

    An SEO company primarily helps businesses in improving their SEO strategies and helping them get better ranking on search engines. Apart from this, SEO companies also carry out website audits to highlight the weak areas with scope for improvement on webpages. They also help businesses in developing marketing strategies by conducting thorough market research and providing valuable insights about the customers and seo trends.

    What services do our SEO company offer?

    Our SEO company in Mumbai offers various services to help their business generate revenue to meet their financial goals. Some of these services include Technical SEO, SEO Audits, On-page and Off-page SEO, Content Marketing, Content Development, Link Building, Local SEO service, and much more.

    How much time will it take to improve the ranking?

    It usually takes about 3 months for improving your search engine ranking for long-tail keywords. To beat your competition with competitor keyword analysis, it takes about 6 months to carry out a successful SEO strategy to rank better on search engines.

    Which online store platforms can you optimize for SEO?

    Our top SEO company in Mumbai offers SEO services for various online store platforms like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, BigCommerce, GoDaddy, Volusion, osCommerce, Weebly, ZenCart, Yo! Kart, and many more

    What are the types of SEO services?

    SEO services are based on your business size and requirements. Usually, there are three types of SEO: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Apart from that, you will also find enterprise SEO (ideal for sites with hundreds of web pages), eCommerce SEO (suitable for online stores), and local SEO. 

    What is included in SEO services?

    SEO service is a very broad concept and focuses on various parameters that influence rankings. A few of them include:

    • Keywords research 
    • Content creation
    • Link building
    • Content marketing
      These services are critical for increasing your company’s online sales.

    How does SEO help your business?

    SEO helps your company achieve a high ranking on the search engines, drive traffic, generate leads, and obtain conversions. It is critical for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business without any physical stores. It also helps you save a lot on an extensive sales network.