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How Spinny Increased Non-Brand Clicks By 519% Via SEO

About Spinny

With every dream to buy the perfect four-wheeler, there is always the ideal used car on Spinny. But, with that said, only a small percentage of young Indians are satisfied with the used car experience. Spinny’s goal for the country is to make buyers trust the concept of second-hand cars and believe in sustainability. In this way, they aim to propel a billion dreams.

From a huge list of concerns, the two major ones that worry today’s second-hand car buyers are quality and fair pricing. However, Spinny’s policy of laying every available fact about their cars out in the open makes them stand out among other online competitors. The platform is not just in the pre-owned car business but in growing and building long-term relationships with its customers.

How Spinny is re-defining the pre-owned car market through its platform?

1. Huge Inventory – Spinny holds 2000+ fully certified cars to choose from with over 20,000 car buyers.

2. 200 Point Inspection – Every Spinny Assured used car undergoes a 200-point evaluation of the car’s condition. The evaluation checks the car’s exterior and interior condition as well as the car’s performance and is conducted by certified experts.

3. 5-days Money-back Guarantee – We understand that buying a car is about finding comfort. However, if you are not comfortable, every Spinny Assured used car comes with a 5-day money-back guarantee. Under this guarantee, you can return your Spinny Assured car for a no-questions-asked 100% refund of your purchase.

4. 1-year Spinny Warranty – Car ownership is about doing things, going places and pushing towards your goals. Spinny’s one-year comprehensive warranty is our way of being there for you in your journey.

5. Fixed Price Assurance – Fixed price assurance saves you from the unnecessary loop of negotiations and haggling and ensures you get the best deal up front, right away. Spinny uses pricing data from market transactions and detailed inspection reports for each Spinny Assured® car to arrive at a fair and fixed price.

Spinny has not only re-defined the pre-owned car buying experience, but also the car selling process. With SellRight, you can say goodbye to weeks of uncertainties around your car’s sale and get paid in just 1 day. By eliminating all middlemen from the selling process, Spinny will buy your car directly from you and offer you an unmatched price that truly values your car & comes with the goodness of a simple & convenient selling experience.

How Spinny makes Selling your car simple?

6. Instant online quote – Get an instant quote by just filling out a few basic details.

7. Free Doorstep Evaluation – Schedule the evaluation at your convenience, from the comfort of your home or workplace.

8. Same day payment – Complete payment and paperwork on-the-spot.


What they do

Spinny is one of the most trusted online platforms for buying and selling used cars. Their multi-step filtration process ensures that you always get to choose from a pool of quality certified second-hand cars. 

What’s important to Spinny?

1. Quality – Spinny is a service-first brand and prioritises quality at every touchpoint for its customers.

2. Transparency & Accountability – There is a stringent vetting process to reassure customers about the quality as well.

3. Personalised Experience – Every customer is unique; each demands different things from a four-wheeler. That’s why Spinny’s inventory is varied, and their team of professionals are trained to listen first and then make recommendations.

The challenge

Spinny operates in a very competitive space. With that said, their aim to stand out against other competitors and bring something new to the table required strategic planning. This plan included a direction to improve on-site authority, ranking for some of the niche-specific keywords and optimising their current site to attract a greater number of customers.

What was Spinny looking for?

  • Increase non-brand clicks by 100%
  • Increase Organic sessions by 100% 
  • Increase the number of keywords rank in the 1st position

What Infidigit Provided them ?

0 %
Increase in Non Brand Clicks

In the few months of engagement, combined efforts by Infidigit and Spinny helped improve the Non-brand-Clicks by 519%. With this, the overall Clicks also increased by 417%.

0 %
Increase in Organic Sessions

The Infidigit team increased the website’s organic sessions by 113%. Along with sessions, Spinny also observed an improvement in visits from existing and new users.

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Keywords Rank in 1st Position

with combined efforts from team Infidigit and Spinny, we were able to rank 200+ keywords in 1st position.

How Did We Achieve These Results?

 The JavaScript code implemented on the Spinny website had pretty significant consequences for both the user and website ranking in search results. One of the first issues we encountered on the Spinny website was with CSR & SSR implementation. This issue did not allow the bot to crawl important pages effectively. With the help of the technical team at Spinny, we were able to fix both these technical issues and made sure that the website is also Google bot friendly.

Apart from the CSR & SSR, several technical fixes such as Mobile Friendly Web Pages, Schemas, Core Web Vitals, Sitemap optimisation, and Inventory Correction were performed. These implementations ensured our overall technical SEO health score improved, which helped Google crawl, index, and rank the web page higher on SERPs.

Content is one of the most crucial aspects of any SEO campaign. We at Infidigit believe in adding content that is relevant to the buyer persona and E-A-T compliant. However, we did not stop there as we further aspired to target featured snippets. To achieve this, dynamic price tables and FAQs were implemented to further increase our chances of featuring.

On-page SEO helps search engines analyse your website so that they can rank for the relevant search queries. As a result, the Infidigit team suggested multiple on-page SEO changes, which helped improve the overall SEO health score of the website. Changes like title tags, header tags, content, internal linking, canonicalisation, image optimisation, and breadcrumbs etc. were also implemented.

Off-page optimization helps build a website's recognition and domain authority. For Spinny, Off-page activity consisted of backlink audit, building high-quality backlinks from external websites, along with disavowing file analysis and update to increase the website's crawling, backlinks, and Domain authority.

Some Snapshots

Organic Traffic

New Users

Non-Brand Traffic


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