Reinventing Marketing Strategy ft. Rishad Tobaccowala | The Growth Genius

In this episode, we have a special guest, Rishad Tobaccowala, an expert in reinventing marketing strategies for business growth. Rishad has over four decades of experience in the advertising and marketing industry and has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Marketing: A Challenging Field for Future Talent? ft. Terri Bartlett | The Growth Genius

Marketing is a complex and dynamic field that is constantly evolving. With the rise of new technologies and changing consumer behaviour, marketers face various challenges that make it difficult to navigate. In this video, we’ll explore the key factors that make marketing challenging to ensure future generations of talent.

Importance of Marketing Accountability in Business Success ft. Karen Ebben | The Growth Genius

On this episode of The Growth Genius, we have Global Marketing Impact’s Karen Ebben talk about the importance of marketing accountability. Marketing accountability is a critical aspect of any successful marketing strategy that involves evaluating the performance of marketing campaigns and assessing their impact on business outcomes.

What the Future Hold for Advertising, Marketing and Data? ft. Bruce Biegel | The Growth Genius

In this episode of The Growth Genius, we have Winterberry Group’s Senior Managing Partner, Bruce Biegel, to share insights from the agency’s recently published “The Outlook report for Advertising, Marketing, and Data 2023.” It is a comprehensive report forecasting the future of advertising, marketing, and data in 2023.

Unlocking the Power of Humanity Marketing ft. Brent Niemuth | The Growth Genius

In today’s digital world, the importance of humanity marketing cannot be overstated. With so much competition for attention online, businesses must stand out by showing their human side. Today we have J. Schmid’s President & Chief Creative Officer, Brent Niemuth sharing valuable insights on implementing the humanity marketing strategy for business success.

Harnessing Creative & Lateral Thinking for Big Marketing Wins ft. Tom Shapiro | The Growth Genius

On this episode of The Growth Genius, we chat with Stratabeat’s Founder & CEO, Tom Shapiro, about creative and lateral thinking in marketing and how businesses can take advantage of it. Tom will be hosted by Infidigit’s Country Director – Americas, Shelly Singh.

Unlock the Secrets of D2C Ecommerce Marketing ft. Mugdha Hedaoo | The Growth Genius

Learn about the importance of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) eCommerce marketing in today’s episode of The Growth Genius series. Join Infidigit’s Country Director – Americas, Shelly Singh, as she delves deeper into the topic with today’s Genius Mugdha Hedaoo, the Founder & CEO of GoPlay Cosmetics.

Mastering the Art of B2B Marketing for High ROI ft. Ruth Stevens | The Growth Genius

In this episode of The Growth Genius, Infidigit’s Country Director – Americas, Shelly Singh discusses the importance of B2B (business-to-business) marketing with eMarketing Strategy’s President Ruth Stevens. She will share some major insights into adapting top B2B marketing for business success.

Emergence of E-Commerce in Offline Retail Brands ft. Srinivas Rao | The Growth Genius

In this episode of The Growth Genius, we have Lifestyle Stores’ Sr VP & Head E-Commerce, Srinivas Rao, with whom we will talk about the emergence of e-commerce in offline retail brands.

Parle's Successful Marketing Story: Tips for New Brands ft. Krishnarao Buddha | The Growth Genius

In this episode of The Growth Genius, we have Parle Products’ Sr. Category Head – Marketing, Krishnarao Buddha, who will share the successful marketing story behind the popularity of Parle products in the Indian market and some of his marketing tips for new and upcoming brands.

Tips For Creating A Successful FMCG Brand ft. Praveen Jaipuriar | The Growth Genius | Infidigit

Continental Coffee has disrupted the Indian coffee industry since its establishment in the early 1990s. Meet Praveen Jaipuriar, the man responsible for making the brand one of the world’s best coffee brands. During an insightful conversation with Kaushal Thakkar, Director & Founding Partner of Infidigit, he discusses his contributions to the FMCG industry. 

Why Behavioral Science is Essential for Marketing ft. Nancy Harhurt

In this episode of The Growth Genius, we talk about how behavioral science has changed the marketing game for businesses around the globe. HBT Marketing’s Co-Founder Nancy Harhurt and Infidigit’s Country Director of Americas, Shelly Singh, discussed the many things that make behavioral marketing a go-to strategy for business success.  

Senior Living Properties: Marketing Like A Pro ft. Piali Dasgupta

What is the most effective way to create a marketing strategy that will grow senior living communities like a pro? Piali Dasgupta, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Columbia Pacific Communities, shares her insights into developing a marketing strategy for senior living properties.

First-party data is now becoming a go-to strategy for many businesses worldwide. In today’s episode, Infidigit’s Country Director – Americas, Shelly Singh, and Marketdata’s Managing Director, David Charles Whittaker, talk about the crucial role first-party plays in business success and the challenges marketers face with implementing it for their marketing strategy.

This episode features, Vodafone Idea’s Saurabh Bajaj joins us to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on marketing. The conversation features Infidigit’s Founder and Managing Director, Kaushal Thakkar and Saurabh discussing the future of marketing and how marketing can impact businesses.

In this video, we talk to Lou Mastria, Executive Director of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). DAA is responsible for setting global standards for online advertising. They ensure that online ads are relevant, safe, effective, and transparent. This interview with Infidigit’s Country Director, Shelly Singh, explores the role of the DAA in business growth as well as insights on online advertising in the future.

In this episode, Tedd Aurelius, Vice President of Strategic Services at SG360°, on the show. Tedd talks about a unified activation strategy and how a well-thought-out brand experience can be a significant growth driver.

In our first episode of Season 2, we feature Pepe Larsson, Founder, Chairman and Head of Strategy & Innovation at Smicker, who breaks down how consumer buying behavior affects business success. He also delves into how consumer experience and trends are essential for business sucess.

The Growth Genius | Season 2 Trailer

In episode #17, Divya Dixit, SVP, Marketing, Analytics, and Direct Revenue at ALTBalaji shares the success story of making ALTBalaji one of the most popular OTT platforms in India. Additionally, she talks about the customer retention strategy that helped the brand increase its subscribers in less than three years.

In episode #16, Raam Nayakar, the Director – Marketing: Customer Loyalty & Marketing Science at Myntra shares trusted growth retention strategies for business sustainability and revenue growth of a business. 

In episode #15, Juhi Singh, the Digital Evangelist and Transformation Strategist at Marico Limited talks about creating digital growth for FMCG brands.

In episode #14, Affle’s Director – Business Development & Partnerships, Ankit Rawal, talks about the importance of building local and selling global post-COVID-19 pandemic.

In episode #13, the co-founder of ZEUX Innovation, Saurabh Gupta, discusses the importance of user experience (UX) design for a business website. He talks about his work on designing UX and being an innovation leader for over a decade.

In episode #12, digital marketer and SEO head at Flipkart, Avinash Bikumalla will decode various SEO techniques that can help enterprises in creating organic growth. Also, the technical and product SEO specialist shares his growth story about doubling organic traffic for multiple websites in less than 18 months. Additionally, Avinash shall share various tips and tricks on implementing successful SEO strategies for FinTech, E-commerce, Ed-tech, Hyperlocal and Media websites.  

In episode #11, the country manager at AppsFlyer India, Sanjay Trisal, breaks down how mobile apps have contributed towards the evolution of the digital ecosystem in India and abroad. He talks about how and why he jumped from blue-chip companies like Dell and Ingram Micro to the startup ecosystem. 

In episode #10, the founder & community builder at Community Folks, Paras Pundir, talks building communities for both as a profession and a hobby. He will discuss how he successfully established Community Folks with approximately 600 members in India in a span of five years.

In episode #9, the digital marketing head at Zycus, Ashish Agrawal, shares his insights on how Zycus created a benchmark by delivering 7.4x ROI through precision targeting on LinkedIn. He also talks about working at the intersection of marketing, technology, data & design and his experience in leading the digital marketing function at Zycus

In episode #8, the Business Head at Mozak Labs, Nilay Shrivastav, talks about the importance of moving online from offline in 2020. He shares his insights about digital marketing strategies on building your brand presence on the internet and the ways of generating ROI. 

In episode #7, Google India’s app marketing solutions manager, Rajat Srivastava, will talk about the future of apps in India and how one can take advantage of them to grow their business. Rajat also discusses his work in digital marketing, attribution, and category management domains with our host, and the founder and managing director of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar.

In episode #6, the marketing specialist genius, Kiran Kurnool, shares his insights about the right way to implement and attribute Google Analytics into your website. He will talk about how Google Analytics allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more.

In episode #5, the social media marketing genius, Amit Panchal will decode some of the tips and tricks that could help agencies and companies to grow not only on Twitter but also on other social media platforms

In episode #4, the founder and managing director of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar, discuss the importance of SEO, his journey in becoming an SEO expert, the reason why he founded Infidigit and started “The Growth Genius Podcast” series. 

In episode #3, Growth Genius, Divya Shrivastava, will talk about the importance of content in the world of marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She will share her experience of working as a marketing consultant and how she successfully created marketing campaigns for brands, such as Myntra, TataCLiQ, Diageo, and Unilever. 

In episode #2, we will discuss with digital marketer Manik Singla on how to effectively promote a brand and business on the social media king – Facebook. With his immense knowledge about the digital marketing industry, Manik shares some valuable tips about dos and don’ts about promoting through Facebook Ads.

In episode #1 of “The Growth Genius Podcast,” we will be talking to the digital marketer and growth hacker Pinaki Chakraborty at Schneider Electric, who shares his insights for creating organic growth for business via SEO. 


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