Superbalist Case Study

How Superbalist Generated 236% Revenue via 2019 Black Friday Campaign

Superbalist, a part of the Takealot group, is one of the fast-growing online fashion retailers in South Africa. With 300+ brands and over 32,000 products, and upwards of 8 million web visitors, the company is the market leader in the fashion industry.

What was Superbalist Looking for?

Superbalist wanted to increase higher revenue for 2019 Black Friday through organic search than the previous year. For this, the following objectives were set by Infidigit:

  • 100% Increase in Organic Sessions
  • 100% Increase in Organic Revenue
  • Ranking in the top three search result for the ‘Black Friday’ keyword

What Infidigit Provided them ?

0 %
Increase in Organic Sessions

Implemented best technical SEO practices for organic sessions.

0 %
Increase in Organic Revenue

Exponentially increased Superbalist’s organic revenue by devising a custom strategy to boost online presence

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The rank of Superbalist

Superbalist secured a Rank #1 for “Black Friday” keyword for the entire campaign period.

Return On Investment

The result of the SEO initiative campaign was an ROI of 240, a 116x increase (11,683%).

How Did Infidigit Achieve These Results?

Content Gap Analysis

Website content was created by considering users as well as search engines’ point of view, focusing on the long-tail keywords, and ensuring readable quality content.

Media Rich Targetting

Implemented infographics, videos, and structured data mark-up on the target pages for making it more user and SEO friendly.

Smart URL Targetting

Created internal linkings for target pages to optimize the crawl frequency.

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