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Brand Guide

Brand Guidelines

We’re proud to share some of our brand guidelines. We are an agency driven by data which adds significant value along with our search marketing expertise. Our vision and mission is reflected in our brand guidelines too.

Brand Philosophy

Infidigit, Metric which defines a never-ending saga to grow, we believe in setting benchmarks that are always looked up to, this creates an environment where every associated individual can contribute towards every other individual’s development

Blessed with intent-driven digital marketing professionals’ who possess collective traits of logical and creative advisory, every Infidigit partner partakes in combined aspiration which drives the progress for all.

We believe in providing a comprehensive, innovative approach backed with numbers that could hold the podium in this digital world.Our mission statement revolves around challenging the ad-spends needle by producing better results via organic on the internet.

Our Vision & Values

Our data-first approach has helped build transparency for the results we achieve. A Growth-First approach has made sure that we at Infidigit could never content ourselves with where we are and moving forward is the only option.

What we believe in:
We believe in facts over everything, a cumulative data analysis approach alongside insights derived through various observations has helped us with driving our consultation decisions.

What we strive towards:
Our values have helped us build a keen knack for perfection when it comes to producing high ROI and growth for ourselves and our clients. Our thoughts are led with growth and seasoned with recorded experience, a perfect recipe which can serve our hunger to achieve greatness.

Life at Infidigit:
We employ partners who would contribute towards building a family, which could support and harness the height we climb. Our ever-growing team believes in grooming an individual with opportunities and celebrate accolades which can be attained only with freedom of thought and innovative approach towards their work.

Our Brand Identity Construction

Brand Logo Variations

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Logo Usage

Correct Usage

Incorrect Usage

Brand Fonts

Main Design Language Global Presentation Language
Futura Medium
Proxima Nova Medium
Futura Book
Proxima Nova Bold
Futura Light
Proxima Nova Regular
Proxima Nova Light

Download the Futura Font : https://www.wfonts.com/font/futura