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We’re proud to share some Organic Search Trends for the brands we work with. We are an agency driven by data which adds significant value along with our search marketing expertise. This has enabled us in assuring results that have exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Organic Search Trends

Reporting period September 2019 to August 2021


Sleeveless T-shirts for Men was the highest searched term.


White T-shirts Men was the highest colour specific keyword searched.


T-shirts Men saw a huge jump
from Sept ‘20 to Feb ‘21.

Other Major Insights

  • The 6400% growth showed user’s intent of searching specific styles of t-shirts, narrowing down the search in the t-shirts category.
  • Eyebogler and Parashoot are the only two brands in the Top 5 whose searches grew by a staggering 5900% and 4900%, respectively. The keywords were Eyebogler T-shirts and Parashoot Jackets. 
  • During the winter-cum-wedding season from Sept 2020 to February 2021, people highly searched for a branded jacket from Levis for warmth and style and Sadri Jacket and Modi Jackets for weddings and other festive occasions.
  • Levis’ Jean Jacket Men keyword saw a massive surge of 1900% during five months. Sadri Jacket and Modi Jacket for Men searches saw a considerable jump of 661.90% and 560%, respectively.
  • The generic term T-shirts Men saw a 5592.31% rise in the past two years. Whereas, during Sept 2020 to February 2021 period, saw a jump of 1275%


Satin Tops were highest searched terms in the past two years


Chikankari Kurta for Women was the highest searched brand related term.


Long Woolen Sweater for Ladies searches grew during Sept ‘20 to Feb ‘21.

Other Major Insights

  • Lavender Top Women and Lavender Crop Top saw a 10700% and 9400% record growth. 2 out of 5 users searched for specific lavender colour in topwear, narrowing their searches in the category.
  • Black Puff Sleeve Top also saw a growth of 9400%. It shows people’s interest in looking for black coloured topwear in their favourite category.
  • Followed by sweaters, the second-most searched term during the period was Fur Tops for Women. Again, there was a growth of 1042.86% in just six months.
  • Satin Tops for Women keyword also remained in the top 3 most-searched keywords with a surge in searched by 804.76%.
  • At the end of the winter season (Jan & Feb 2021), searches for Summer Tops for Women and Summer Tops went up by 830.77% and 661.54%, respectively.

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