Latest Google News Feature Lets Users Discover Content Beyond Headlines

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Latest Google News Feature Lets Users Discover Content Beyond Headlines

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    Google News’ previous update in July 2010 saw the company’s decision to redesign the whole Google News feature to improve users’ reading experience on desktops by focusing more on the news headlines and publisher names. But now, the company is again set to overhaul the Google News section with a feature known as ‘Beyond the Headlines’, where publishers’ names will be more prominent, and relevant articles will be organized such that researches can easily find their desired news stories.

    The Verge reported, “The company is grouping news stories on the same topic together to let users looking for broader coverage on a subject distinguish different strands of the case.”

    The update will allow the news to be displayed in a card format rather than a list, making news headlines and publishers’ names appear more transparent.

    Raffaele Colella, the Product Manager of Google News, stated, “With Beyond the Headlines in Google News, we want to recognize publishers that are investing in diving deeper into the headlines and moving past the who, what and when to explore the why and how.”

    According to some reports, even though the change seems minor to users, Google has taken a more significant initiative to improve its news product. The company has collaborated with several news organizations for creating innovative mechanisms to let users subscribe to publishers, set up programs to fight fake news, and relaunch its Google News app with the latest Artificial Intelligence features.

    The updated Google News tab would be available to users around the globe in no time.

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    Latest Google News Feature Lets Users Discover Content Beyond Headlines