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India has become one of the biggest digital hubs in the world. Businesses across the country have shifted a significant chunk of their operations online, and this has created a massive ground for competition amongst companies. Each business is trying to outshine their competitors on the digital domain, and SEO has emerged as the greatest tool to achieve the top ranking on search engines.

Finding the right SEO company in India has become the main trick to achieve this edge for businesses, and Infidigit steps up to the task to help companies get closer to their goals. Infidigit is a professional SEO company in India, which has immaculate expertise in the domain and professionals with over 17 years of experience in the industry.

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Infidigit wins SMX 2020

Why SEO is important for business?

SEO plays a lot of roles in any business operating in the digital world. Here are the most important ones:

To Increase Brand Visibility

An SEO company can help you eliminate the disconnect in your SEO efforts and branding. This is accomplished using tactics like optimized content, long-tail keywords, link building, focusing marketing efforts on the target audience, and much more. These efforts are then evaluated to see whether they’re working well in increasing your brand’s awareness among the whole new domain of untapped audience.

To Gain Quality Organic Traffic

The primary objective of SEO is to optimize your websites so that they could rank higher on search engines. A top SEO company in India would do so by using various methods like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, technical SEO, and so on. This helps in improving the rankings of your website and generating an excellent amount of organic traffic.

Increase in Sales

More traffic on your website means more engagement from customers. This is a big step towards increasing sales through new users who have converted based on how well the services/products your business provides meets their needs.

Better ROI if done Right

A competent SEO marketing company would carry out SEO processes with the goal of improving your business’s ROI. Done right, SEO campaigns can be very fruitful for your business.

Now since you know why SEO is important

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Why Infidigit as SEO Marketing Company?

Technical SEO Expertise

Our SEO marketing company employs a competent team of consultants who perform technical SEO audits for your websites. These audits evaluate a multitude of elements such as structured data, website structure, AMP, PWA, Robots.txt, sitemap validation, and much more to ensure optimum SEO health for your website. Our technical SEO audit checklist consists of over 270+ pointers!

Ethical SEO

Our expertise as an SEO company in India goes beyond technical capabilities. We also ensure that all the SEO marketing techniques implemented on your website are acceptable by the search engines, and fall under their regulations. This helps us in offering you the best in class SEO services, that are ethical and won’t cause any legal issues to your business online.

Data-Driven Approach

The main advantage of hiring us as an SEO company for businesses is that we are very meticulous in developing SEO strategies based on the assessment of data acquired from researching your domain. This includes what your competitors are doing, the trends in the industry, customer satisfaction, and much more. Our data-driven approach helps us in drafting the most effective SEO strategies for your company.

Award Winners

We follow the “Show, don't tell” approach for all our clients. This includes numerous awards which prove our expertise in the domain and makes us the best SEO company in India. Some of the biggest awards our SEO company has won include:
a. Best Retail Search Marketing Initiative – SEO at SMX Awards 2020 (USA) (the biggest award in the industry)
b. Gold Prize at Digital Enterprise Awards 2019
c. Gold Prize at the DMA Asia ECHO Awards 2019

Our Specialized Services

seo service

Search Engine Optimization

Want to boost your website’s organic sessions? Avail our SEO services to catapult your sessions, and witness your Revenue as well as ROI rise.

ecommerce seo services

Ecommerce SEO

Increase online sales of your Ecommerce store via our unique SEO techniques. Join hands with us to achieve higher rankings, and drive more customers.

Enterprise SEO

Running an enterprise business and struggling to create a digital impact? We specialise in creating growth stories via organic search.

local seo services

Local SEO

Targeting a local demographic for your business? Seek our specialised Local SEO services to attract more customers towards your local business and increase your sales.

seo audit services

SEO Audit

Want to understand the scope of website optimisation before availing SEO services? Our 270+ point SEO audit checklist identifies key issues that could hamper your visibility on SERPs.

google penalty recovery services

Google Penalty Recovery

A website penalty is a nightmare for businesses. So, reach out to our SEO experts who shall develop effective strategies to reverse penalties and help secure high SERP rankings.

aso service

App Store Optimization

With an increase in smartphone usage, it is time to embrace the potential of app store optimization. Rank higher with our ASO services to attract more downloads and users.

conversion rate optimization services

Conversion Rate Optimization

The focus of any online business boils down to converting a user into a customer or a client. Do you have a similar goal for your business? Partner with our CRO Experts to show you the best way forward.

seo contract staffing service

SEO Contract Staffing

If you are looking to effectively manage deliverables at both ends, SEO Contract Staffing can help achieve the goal. Explore different models under this service as per your requirement.

Make Your Website Rank Higher On Google

You are just one step away from ranking your website higher on Google!

Our SEO Approach to Rank Your Website Higher

SEO Strategy1. SEO Strategy 


Creating a SEO roadmap which will help you to increase your sales

Technical SEO2. Technical SEO


We review your site architecture, sitemap, robots.txt file to check the seo friendliness

Keyword Reasearch3. 270+ Audit Checklist


We run your website through our 270+ checklist which points out technical, on page and off page issues

SEO Audits4. Competitor Analysis


Competitor Analysis helps us to understand SEO practices of your competitor

on page seo implementation5. On Page SEO Implementation


On Page factors like meta tags, URLs, header tags are implemented

making content engaging6. Content Gap Analysis 


We perform content gap analysis to create a plan of action wrt content

schema implementation7. Content Creation


We create engaging content which ranks better on SERPs

off page seo implementation8. Off Page SEO Implementation


Influencer activities are implemented to boost ranking 

detailed reporting9. Detailed Reporting


Regular reports help us to track our performance

SEO Strategy

  • As an SEO company in India, we firmly believe in creating a complete roadmap of the SEO strategies we chart out for your business.
  • Before its implementation, we ensure that any potential roadblocks are eliminated, and the strategies effectively show results to our clients. We can do so through multiple tests and data accumulated from your domain’s research.

Technical SEO

  • Our team of professional SEO consultants are very competent in evaluating the technical aspects of your website, ensuring optimum SEO health.
  • This includes various elements like AMP, PWA, website architecture, sitemap validation, crawl error issues, and much more. The evaluation helps us in keep our clients’ websites free of any technical issues, and ensure the best health for the website.

270 + Audit checklist

  • The SEO audit services offered by Infidigit includes an elaborate checklist, built on the foundation of perfection. Our SEO audit checklist consists of over 270+ pointers, which helps us offer the most meticulous insights to optimise your website.
  • It also assists in developing the best SEO strategies and also determining the scope of work to optimise your website.

Competitor Analysis

  • Our research stage involves a deep dive into what your competitors in the domain are doing. We assess everything, right from the keywords they use, the SEO strategies they implement, and their community outreach.
  • We assess what is working for them and develop strategies that can outshine them, and also determine lagging areas of importance that we can leverage to give your business an edge over them.

On-page SEO

  • Our SEO company in India offers elaborate on-page SEO services.
  • Generating discoverable meta tags, titles, updating content to make it SEO friendly, internal linking, updating the URLs with keywords for best outreach, and we do much more to ensure that your website is discovered by the search engines and ranked higher.

Content Gap Analysis

  • Researching the vastness of the internet to find the missing topics and content in the currently existing landscape is a process that Infidigit excels in doing.
  • We also work intensively to generate demand for such content and then providing it to the audience to serve their needs. Content gap analysis is an SEO practice that is performed efficiently by our team of SEO professionals.

Content Creation

  • We don’t just fill content gaps in your domain. Our team of SEO professionals includes some of the best content creators in the industry to ensure that we also create SEO healthy content for your website.
  • From blogs and articles to webpage copies and Ebooks, our team of content experts ensures that your website benefits from SEO rich content and ranks higher on SERPs.

Off-page SEO

  • Our SEO company also works hard on leveraging the various off-page SEO parameters to elevate your rankings on search engines.
  • The parameters include external linking, finding forums to publish your content on, finding influencers who can increase the outreach of your content to a potential customer base, increasing your brand awareness, and much more.

Performance Tracking

  • Our work ethics are all about being transparent with our clients. We track the performance of the SEO strategies implemented and the SEO services we are carrying out for you.
  • These performance reports are shared with you at regular intervals, to understand how their investment in employing our SEO company is shaping up. These reports offer a lot of insights about the progress of our work and include metrics like organic traffic generated, the newer scope for SEO, user satisfaction, etc.

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FAQ's on SEO Company

An SEO company assists businesses in improving their reach in the digital domain by implementing SEO strategies and improving their rankings on search engines. These companies also carry out SEO audits to find out the scope of improvement on websites as well as areas of enhancement.

Yes, investing in SEO is essential for businesses nowadays. With the cutthroat competition in all industries in the digital sphere, companies must use various SEO tactics to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition in the digital domain, and rank higher than them on search engines.

If your business is using long-tail keywords, it can take around 3-4 months to improve your SERP rankings. However, if you’re looking to beat your competitors’ rankings with competitor keyword analysis, it usually takes about six months to achieve those results.

Our SEO company employs a dedicated team of SEO professionals for each client, which is our greatest strength. To help our clients achieve their financial goals, we offer the best in class technical SEO services, comprehensively conducted SEO audits, content marketing services, and much more, all carried out by our talented team of professionals.

We use many tools to carry out our SEO activities, which include Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.

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