Search Analytics API can now pull data from Google News, Discover, and supports Regex

Users of the Search Analytics API have finally had their prayers answered. The API now provides support for Google Discover, News, and Regex. 

Site owners can already see data related to Search, Discover, and Google News in the ‘Performance’ reports in Google Search Console. These functionalities have finally arrived to the Search Analytics API. The API has also been updated to include the ability to use Regex for data filtering.

Here are the new functionalities added to the Search Analytics API:

Google News & Discover Data

The ‘searchType’ parameter will be renamed to ‘type’ and the API requests can be filtered by web, picture, video and news. 

Google has also provided support for two additional parameters which are ‘discover’ and ‘googleNews’. Both of these can be used to fetch data from Google Discover and Google News respectively. Google will still provide support for the ‘searchType’ parameter.

It is important to note that some metrics and dimensions in the Search Console’s ‘Performance’ reports are only compatible with certain data types.

Google’s statement is as follows:

In the Search Console Performance reports, some metrics and dimensions are compatible only with some data types; for example, queries and positions are not supported by the Google Discover report. In the same way, if an unsupported dimension is requested, the API will return an error message.”

Regex support

Regex support was added to Google Search Console recently and has received an overwhelming response. Users of the Search Analytics API can finally reap the benefits of Regex to perform advanced data filtering.

Two new search operators have been added to the API:

  • includingRegex
  • excludingRegex

Here’s a snapshot of the new Search Analytics API’s features in action:

Search Analytics API can now pull data from Google News, Discover, and use Regex

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Search Analytics API can now pull data from Google News, Discover, and supports Regex