How Myntra Increased Its Sessions For Personal Care Category By 499.11% Via SEO

The Client

Myntra is India’s leading e-commerce platform that caters to all age groups with best-quality collections from reputable brands. Competing with other e-commerce giants, Myntra has out-performed and become India’s online capital for the fashion enthusiasts.

The Objective

With the growing demand for personal care products during the Pandemic, Myntra was aiming to get more Clicks and Sessions for the very same category. Keeping that in mind, Myntra and Infidigit decided on the following objectives for the Personal Care (as compared to the baseline data):

  • Increase Organic Sessions by 65%
  • Improve Ranking
  • Acquire new users

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The Challenge

Personal Care was a category where several prominent Indian platforms were already ranking. The oversaturated space posed a tremendous challenge with regards to gaining clicks and sessions from the suitable buyer base.

The Solution

Supporting Myntra’s goals of getting higher clicks and sessions from the Personal Care category, listed below were the strategic measures that were taken:

Deep Keyword Analysis

  1. Sub-category gap analysis was performed. With the new insights in mind, extensive work was done on the sub-categories to drive in more traffic and achieve rankings for new keywords.
  2. Product Gap analysis was performed to identify user intent.
  3. New brands were brought on so Myntra would bank upon the demands.
  4. Relevant on-page changes were also made to give users & bots to crawl relevant content.

Created Informative Content along with title & meta descriptions

  1. Title & meta descriptions with new ideas were implemented with refurbished data mentioning discounts, prices, and powerful CTAs.
  2. Drafted fresh content alongside concepts like ‘top searches,’ ‘tables’ & ‘top categories.’

Implementing FAQ, video, and rating schema:

  1. To answer end-users queries, FAQ schema was put in place to increase the overall clicks & CTR for respective keywords.
  2. To showcase the prices, offers, and availability of products on the SERP to the end-user for better visibility, we implemented Product schema. 
  3. For visibility in a video on SERPs, we used Video schema, which increased the average time spent on the landing page.
  • Content for Featured Snippets listings was optimized on the list (both numbered and bulleted) and Table Snippet.
  • Dynamic price table was implemented to feature one-of-a-kind products with their price, thus securing a featured snippet on SERPs.

Update contextual links to boost page rankings

  1. Implemented contextual and footer linking to help high-search-volume keywords to gain ranking.
  2. An addition of related categories helped users get the relevant categories handy rather than searching it which in turn improved sessions.

Influencer Marketing & Backlinking from Brands

  1. Infidigit turned to influencer marketing to increase user involvement. We partnered with several influencers to promote Myntra to raise product awareness and gain popularity for personal care.
  2. We also tried getting backlinks from the popular personal care brand websites for the respective brands.

Focus on Head & Torso Keywords

  1. We focused more on the head (Search volume above 40,000) & torso (Search volume between 4,000 & 40,000) keywords.

Deep analysis of Keywords

  1. A keyword level analysis was done in terms of competition & what we could do differently. What factors were the competitors strong on & what were we missing.

The Result

Compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, the above-mentioned strategic plans achieved the following:


improvement in sessions

97 %

Keywords ranking in the first position increased .


Keywords ranking in first position head increased

280 %

Keywords ranking in first position torso increased


Myntra saw an increase in organic users


Awards Won

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Myntra Personal Care Case Study