Socially Powerful’s Sessions Increases by 5818.20% & Leads by 602% via SEO

The Client

Socially Powerful is a UK-based B2B influencer marketing agency that aids clients in creating a positive brand image on social media platforms. Their strategy aims to build promotional influencer marketing and advertising campaigns to attract the right audience and increase the ROI for its clients. As per the latest statistics, the company’s annual revenue is approximately $5 Million.

The Objective

With such a lucrative selling point in place, Socially Powerful realized that it needed to expand its brand presence globally. Thus, came the need to focus operations beyond the UK and include regions like the USA, Europe, Australia, China & the Middle East. Their primary objectives were to 

  • Increase website traffic.
  • Achieve growth in leads via organic channels.
  • Improve new users via organic channels.

The Challenge

Following were some of the challenges faced while implementing strategies for Socially Powerful:

  • Duplicate content issue
  • Missing site architecture and URL structure
  • Drop in trend of social media related topics that led to drop in overall organic sessions

The Solution

Once all the objectives were clearly defined, Infidigit created a campaign that featured the following points:

  • Multi-Geo Targeting
  • Technical Implementation
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Micro-Site Development
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Creation of a Knowledge Hub to Attract New Users
  • Contextual Linking
  • FAQ Schema Implementation

Multi-Geo Targeting

Infidigit helped develop region-specific folders essential to facilitating a global reach.

Technical Implementation

Within three months, Hreflang was implemented on the website with the intention not just to target various geo-locations but also to help the website become technically adept. This consisted of migrating the site from the old domain ( ) to Geo-specific domains, which included: for the UK for the USA for UAE

On-Page SEO Optimization

Keyword to URL mapping was conducted to ensure all the new intent-based keywords were mapped correctly. Furthermore, title meta descriptions along with header tags for location-based pages were updated. Infidigit also ensured content created on pages is relevant, unique, valuable to the readers and SEO-friendly.

Micro Site Development

After developing region-specific folders, all activities were tailored to meet every region’s language and content preferences. This way, each region-specific site was treated as a micro-site.

Content Gap Analysis

Infidigit performed a competitor analysis as it was identified as the ideal approach towards content optimization. This consisted of:

  • Developing fresh content across all the ‘Service’ pages
  • Including relevant and intent-based keywords within the content to boost organic growth
  • Creating Geo-specific content to avoid duplicity

Creation of a Knowledge Hub to Attract New Users

A knowledge hub was designed to enlighten aspiring marketers and attract the correct buyer persona. We also suggested blog content recommendations as per the trending keywords and topics.

Contextual Linking

Infidigit customized footer links for each page, taking into consideration the intent-based keywords and similar services. All service pages and blogs were interlinked with appropriate anchor texts.

FAQ Schema Implementation

FAQ schemas were recommended and implemented on both service and blog pages to enable content ranking in featured snippets on Google.

The Result

Post execution of all the strategies, Infidigit observed the following results:

  • With extensive technical, on-page and off page SEO implementation on the pages, Infidigit was able to increase the organic sessions by 5,818% on Socially Powerful’s website.
  • Our strategies were complemented with timely technical implementations. This was one of the driving factors that contributed to an increase of 602% in organic leads.
  • With numerous SEO strategies involved Infidigit was able to increase its organic user base for its service pages.


Increased in Organic session


Increase in Organic Leads


Increase in Organic Users

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