Infidigit boosts’s non-brand clicks by 223% through SEO in just 9 months

The Client is an Indian brand that has taken the fitness industry by storm. It is a one-stop-shop for fitness enthusiasts, offering a wide range of services that include workout sessions, yoga classes, meditation programs, and healthy meal plans.’s unique approach to fitness combines the latest technology with experienced trainers to offer personalized workout plans and fitness tracking. It has rapidly grown in popularity, with over 200 centers across 25 cities in India.’s innovative business model has also led to collaborations with top Indian celebrities, making it one of the most sought-after fitness brands in the country.

The Objective

In order to establish a strong organic presence, set the following goals:

  • Increase in Organic Clicks
  • Improvement in Ranking
  • Improvement in Fitness Category
  • Improvement of SEO Health
  • Increment in Keyword Coverage

The Challenge

While striving towards these targets, we faced a range of challenges:

  • Location handling
  • Issue of hidden content
  • Crawablity issues across the website
  • Lack of keyword rich content across the website
  • Lack of relevant information about the services
  • Incorrect implementation of schema markup
  • Under optimized title tags & meta descriptions
  • Missing breadcrumbs & internal links at large

The Solution

Optimizing Title & Meta Description

Initially, website had a template-based title and meta description without proper target keywords. 

To tackle this, the Infidigit team created unique title and meta descriptions for approximately 2800 pages with proper target keywords and optimizations. This helped in achieving a better ranking for their pages.

Schema Implementation on Recipe Category had already implemented a Recipe schema on its recipe pages. However, it wasn’t able to achieve results due to technical errors in the schema code. With its in-depth technical research, the Infidigit team helped in fixing the schema error for the recipe category.

After fixing this, recipe pages of started appearing in Recipe carousels and witnessed a good boost in rankings. We achieved almost 1,300% improvement through recipe rich snippets after a month of fixing errors in the schema.

Content Optimization

As we all know, content is king. With that in mind, pages on the website required a significant content revamp.

With thorough Content Gap analysis and Keywords research, the Infidigit team provided important keyword suggestions and content structures for all the opportunity pages on the website. This helped the team to generate informative, valuable, user-friendly and most importantly, SEO friendly content for the website.

The addition of keyword-rich and structured content to the pages further helped the website achieve a major improvement in rankings which in turn enabled us to garner traffic for the website.

Internal Linking

1. Via Content

In order to get the benefits of internal linking, the Infidigit team created a ‘Top searches’ section where we targeted all money keywords of all categories and added them to approximately 1500 pages.

Also, internal links coming from content have more value. Thus Infidigit team targeted proper include keywords in content to get valuable internal links from content.

2. Via Contextual Footer Links

Contextual footer links played a vital role in increasing the count of internal links for potential keywords. With almost 60 footer links per page, Infidigit covered the majority of their target keywords by adding contextual footers to all the pages of the website.

3. Via Breadcrumbs

Many of the website pages were missing breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are another way to create internal links for your pages. They also help the crawlers in navigating and understanding the site structure easily.

URL Structure Optimization

The URL structure of was not optimized with proper money keywords and was not following the SEO guidelines for an optimized URL. Infidigit team came up with SEO friendly URL structures with proper keywords for all the categories of the website. Implementing the new URL structures helped the website gain a significant improvement in rankings in a short period.

Crawling Issues

1. Location Handling

To achieve good rankings, it is necessary to ensure that Googlebot is able to crawl all the elements of your website. However, this was not the case for

The website displayed content dynamically for a page as per the user’s location, i.e. based on the location of the user visiting the page, the content of the page was served. 

For example, a user visiting from Bangalore will be able to view the content of the page, but a user visiting from Assam would not.

Now, as Googlebot crawls the website with an IP address from the USA, website serves Googlebot a version of the page that had no content. Due to this, Googlebot stored the unoptimized version of the page in its index.

With proper technical recommendations from the Infidigit team, team was able to make its content-rich version of the page available to Googlebot.

Fixing this issue helped improve the crawlability of the website for Googlebot, which in turn improved the rankings.

2. Hidden Content

User experience is an important aspect to focus on when designing a website. A design that is not user friendly might lead to an increase in bounce rate, which isn’t something you desire.

To optimize the UX of the page, team had hidden on-page content using the “Read more” button to make the page look less bulky in terms of text. However, this led to crawlability issues for Googlebot.

Googlebot was not able to crawl the text that was hidden under the “Read more” button. Due to this, our web pages were not able to gain the complete benefit of the content added.

With the help of recommendations from Infidigit, team made the hidden content not-crawlable, which helped in achieving better rankings.

Deep Analysis of Keywords

The Infidigit team carried out extensive keyword research for all the website categories. After which, a deep study and analysis was performed for the keywords falling under the various categories of Website – fitness, healthcare and recipes, where we focused more on high potential keywords rather than working on all. The focus was more on the keywords which had the potential of bringing more traffic to the website.

Aggressive Off-Page strategy

Infidigit created an all-round Off-page SEO strategy for All the important and high search volume keywords were targeted for Backlink creation. We created backlinks from multiple sources with multiple types. Guest posting, Q&A, PPT submission, Article submission, social bookmarking were the types of backlinks that we created from authoritative websites with a good DA.

The Result

The Infidigit team has assisted in achieving a notable improvement in their organic click-through rates, leading to enhanced visibility on SERP. As a result, the first-page keyword ranking has seen a remarkable surge of 1,132%

The Infidigit team’s category-specific approach has led to a significant surge in the organic visibility of the website. As a result, there has been a substantial improvement of 223% in non-brand clicks.

By conducting a comprehensive content gap analysis and thorough keyword research, the Infidigit team recommended crucial keywords and content structures for all the opportunity pages on the website. This resulted in a staggering improvement of 7,156% in the fitness category, empowering the team to enhance their offerings in this domain.

As a result of fixing the recipe pages,’s recipe category has witnessed a remarkable improvement, with pages now appearing in Recipe carousels and experiencing a significant boost in rankings of 12,470%.

The Infidigit team demonstrated their expertise in technical and on-page search engine marketing by achieving an extraordinary improvement in’s top three keyword rankings, increasing them by 1,403%.

Through the incorporation of well-structured and keyword-rich content on the website pages, we were able to achieve a remarkable 305% increase in keyword coverage. This improvement resulted in a significant boost in website traffic.

By developing distinctive title and meta descriptions for around 2800 pages and strategically optimizing them with target keywords, the Infidigit team succeeded in achieving a remarkable 1,706% improvement in 1st position ranking for these pages.


Improvement in 1st Page Keyword Ranking


Boost in Non brand Clicks


Improvement in Fitness Category


Growth in Recipe Category


Surge in Care Category


Progression in Top 3 Keyword Rankings


Increase in Keyword Coverage


Enhancement in 1st Position Ranking

1st Page Improvement

Non-Brand Clicks

Fitness Category

Recipe Category

Care Category

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