Infidigit boosted Mochi Shoes’ product page clicks by 48% in a quarter via SEO

The Client

Mochi Shoes is an Indian footwear brand founded in 2000, offering a wide range of fashionable shoes for men, women, and children. The brand’s name is derived from the Japanese word for shoe, which reflects its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Mochi Shoes has a strong presence in over 40 cities across India, with more than 100 stores and an extensive online presence. The brand is known for its trendy designs, comfortable fit, and durability, catering to the modern-day fashion-conscious consumer. Mochi Shoes continues to evolve and expand its product range while maintaining its commitment to quality and innovation.

The Objective

Mochi Shoes was seeing a consistent increase in organic traffic. Having said that, the objective was now to rank product pages for intent-based keywords.

  • To leverage product pages to drive higher organic traction
  • To boost sales and revenue through the Organic Search channel

The Challenge

In light of this, the following difficulties were identified to achieve the goal :

  • Under Optimized Title & Description
  • No Schema Markup
  • Improper and non-contextual internal linking
  • High Page Load Time

The Solution

After identifying the challenges, the following recommendations were proposed and subsequently put into action.

Unique Title & Description

One of the first things to be implemented that had a substantial impact was adding relevant and intent-based keywords in the title and description of the product pages. Making the title & description unique with Informative CTAs along with Descriptive & unique H1 Tags helped entice search engine users more effectively.

Ratings & Reviews + Product Schema Markup

Infidigit recommended implementing Product + Ratings & Review schema markup. The ongoing presence of reviews and high-quality imagery also built trust. Search Engines started displaying product images, ratings, and other product information in rich snippets, which increased the product credibility & improved the click-through rate.

Internal Linking Structure

An Internal Linking strategy was devised to link important pages of the website using anchor text that is rich in relevant keywords. By linking to related products and accessories on the product page, users were motivated to explore other pages, which ultimately increased the likelihood of cross-selling.

Minimized Page Load Times

Given that 80% of the organic traffic comes from mobile devices, it was necessary to optimize the product pages for mobile users. Ensuring fast-loading webpages resulted in an improved user experience, leading to a reduction in bounce rates. This, in turn, helped to increase sales, revenue, and pages per session.

The Result

After 3 months of implementing the above strategy, the ranking of the product pages improved by a substantial margin. These efforts also had a positive impact on customer behavior, raising engagement and conversion rates.


Clicks improved for product pages


Impressions improved in product pages


Revenue Increase

1. Clicks improved by 48.45% for product pages as compared to the previous quarter

2. Impressions improved by 112.81% for product pages as compared to the previous quarter

3. Revenue has improved by 6.35% as compared to the previous quarter

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Infidigit boosted Mochi Shoes’ product page clicks by 48% in a quarter via SEO