How Manyavar witnessed a YOY 145.39% jump in Non Brand Clicks

The Client

Founded in 1999, Manyavar is a popular Indian wear brand that specializes in traditional clothing. Manyavar’s collections feature a wide range of ethnic wear, including sherwanis, kurtas, and suits, that are perfect for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. The brand has a strong reputation for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, with each garment crafted to perfection using the finest fabrics and embellishments. Manyavar has a widespread presence across India, with over 600 stores in the country and a growing online presence as well.

The Objective

Their goal was to gain rankings for multiple organic keywords & to increase organic click share :

  • To improve Organic Ranking
  • To improve Organic Non Brand Clicks
  • To improve Sessions

The Challenge

These issues became a hindrance in achieving the following goals :

  • Missing Core Category Pages
  • Under Optimised Content
  • Lack of Optimal Internal Linking
  • Unorganized Header Tags
  • Lower Rankings for Keywords with highest SV

The Solution

Ensure Better Crawling

We noticed that Manyavar had a Client Side rendering. Client-side rendering manages the routing dynamically without refreshing the page every time a user requests a different route. Whereas server-side rendering is able to display a fully populated page on the first load for any route of the website. We recommended having a Server Side rendering as it is more Search Engine friendly and ensures our pages get crawled more frequently.

Optimizing Festive Pages

Manyavar as a brand has been synonymous with celebrations. India being a nation where festivals are not mere celebrations but an amalgamation of emotions – we aimed to gain not only SERP visibility but have managed to gain top rankings for our Festive pages. We came up with the idea of creating and optimizing festive pages – keeping in mind the search intent and categories.

Relevant Footer Links

The website footer is the section of content at the very bottom of a web page. We have included dynamic footer links at the bottom of every page. These contextual links act as hyperlinks that increase the overall internal linking and ensure the user experience is enhanced as the visitor tends to consume the content and browse relevant categories. This enables us to improve our SEO metrics – more Sessions, better Average Session Duration and Pages per Sessions to say the least.

Blog Optimization

Starting a blog is a terrific way to introduce new customers to your company and products. You have something to speak about and share when you read a blog post. Select topics where readers are more likely to share the information, and we will grow our target audience. We have not only recommended blog topics but also shared the SEO friendly blog structure/briefs. We have also conducted an audit wherein we have shared our recommendations to make our blog section compliant with our technical SEO.

The Result


Increase in Organic Rankings in Top 1 Positions


Improvement in Organic Rankings in Top 5 Positions


Increase in Organic Sessions

1. Organic Rankings For Festive Page

2. Category Leader In Rankings

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How Manyavar witnessed a YOY 145.39% jump in Non Brand Clicks