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How Infidigit helped restore their DA and traffic with improved rankings after a domain migration

About strives to keep you fit and healthy through a range of holistic offerings that include fitness, yoga, healthy meals, mental wellbeing and primary care. With, anyone can work on their fitness from the safety of their homes with just a single app that helps you #BeBetterEveryDay (now:, which operates the chain of gyms across India, has remained a prominent player in the cross-fitness market.

It was one of the first in the country to offer e-fitness or tele-fitness services, which became more popular following the COVID-19 pandemic. Telemedicine services for a full-body checkup and personalised health plans are also available through their platform.

It provides a range of holistic services to support a person’s physical and mental well-being; online and offline services include:

  • cult center 
  • Gyms by cult
  • Online PT
  • Online fitness classes
  • Live ‘at home’ fitness classes (Yoga/Exercise)
  • Guided meditation
  • Healthy recipes
  • cultsport (equipment,footwear,apparel)
  • Online doctor consultation
  • Home lab test
  • Online dietician consultation
  • Online therapy
  • Audio sessions for mental wellbeing
  • Online meal delivery services and subscriptions


Since intended to be the sole destination that popped into the minds of people who wanted to enter into the health and fitness space, rebranding was a major consideration. 

Pre-migration, already ran its fitness centres across India under the moniker, and its rebranding was an effort to bring all their fitness products under one brand name and reach out to more users. This would mean the website would have to undergo a domain migration. The new name was made effective from 11 May 21, across all channels.


There are plenty of challenges one can encounter when moving to a new domain. All kinds of domain migrations carry risks, some of them being traffic related, others pertaining to domain authority and visibility on the Search Engine Result Pages.

  • The biggest challenge was to estimate how long it would take to restore the domain authority and if a full recovery could be expected. It is believed that the DA of a website can impact its visibility on the web.
  • Second, reduced visibility on the SERPs. A domain migration can sometimes lead to loss of rankings or poor visibility on the web since the DA of the new domain can be low. A well executed domain migration can help retain rankings. The challenge with ensuring rankings was a poor or low DA of the newly acquired domain.
  • Third, the loss of traffic. To be able to estimate how the domain migration would affect the organic traffic and upon loss, how long it would take to achieve the benchmark numbers and/or surpass them.

What was looking for

  • To be the sole destination that popped into the minds of people who wanted to enter into the health and fitness space
  • To bring all their fitness products under one brand name and reach out to more users
  • To rebrand and eventually restore the rankings & traffic

What did Infidigit Help Achieve

Domain Authority

When the website was migrated to a new domain upon rebranding, the DA of the existing domain was 45, whereas the DA of the newly acquired domain was 8.

Over the period of 4 months, Infidigit managed to restore the DA by building the site’s backlink profile and continued to signal trustworthiness and authority to Google’s algorithm.

Keywords Ranking Between Positions 1-3

Prior to migration 1,346 Keywords were ranking between positions 1-3. With a successful migration, has more that 1,837 Keywords ranking between positions 1-3

0 %
Increase in Organic Traffic

The recovery from a traffic standpoint was pretty smooth, with a well managed migration, Infidigit achieved and surpassed the pre-migration numbers.

How Did We Achieve These Results?

We compiled data for top-performing pages along with their Core Web Vital (CWV) and PageSpeed scores to benchmark the output of the SEO efforts before the domain migration. To achieve not only the initial set benchmark but also surpass the pre-migration numbers, it is vital to know and analyse what we were working on.

There are different types of website migrations that can be undertaken. The scenario in’s case was fortunate in the sense that everything remained the same as far as URL structure was concerned. The only thing that was to be changed was the domain name. 

To tailor’s domain migration to, Infidigit put together a deck with recommendations that involved best practices and common pitfalls to look out for.

The team worked closely with the client and their available resources to ensure a smooth transition. Brainstorming sessions involved discussing the best practices for process implementation and accommodating available resources. The team also communicated at length with the IT and development teams to understand the process and help eliminate bottlenecks and ensure smooth deployment.

Significant risks are reduced by carefully planning the migration. It also has a better chance of keeping existing search engine referrals or even improving overall website traffic.

To ensure a smooth transition and prevent major loss, The team at Infidigit to sustain organic traffic helped Google — and other search engines — understand that a page has moved to a new location. The team started with a well-defined redirect mapping plan and prepared a rigorous checklist with more than 20 on-page, off-page, and technical parameters to guarantee a smooth transition.

Along with traffic loss, it was important for the team to lay out all the possible risks associated with this migration. So, in its migration plan, the team flagged things that could possibly go wrong & highlighted the best ways to do it. 

During the migration process, Infidigit prepared a comprehensive document and updated it in real-time to notify the IT and development team of things that seemed improper on the front end & identified critical errors that could have ruined the website’s chances of a successful domain migration.

For a thorough inspection of the newly migrated website, the team conducted an in-depth audit covering more than 200 SEO health check parameters. During this process, the team audited the pages, their CWV scores, and overall user experience and performance. This was conducted to validate performance, taking into consideration the pre-migration data recorded for the same metrics

While the new domain is live and the migration has concluded, there’s still more work to do. 

After the big move from to, Infidigit monitored the progress very closely to see how it affected the website's traffic, conversions, and its treatment by the search engine. 

A post-migration checklist was created and maintained to ensure the best results, which involved monitoring the indexation numbers and ten other technical parameters and their degree of impact and priority.

Some Snapshots

Pre Migration ( DA: 45

DA Post Migration Restored

Rankings Pre Migration 1,346 Keywords ranking between positions 1-3

Rankings Post Migration 1,837 Keywords ranking between positions 1-3

Traffic - Pre Migration

Traffic - Post Migration

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