The Secret to Content Marketing Strategies ft. Sarah Noel Block

Sarah Noel Block, MS, a dynamic Marketing Consultant and Pod Host of “Tiny Marketing,” empowers entrepreneurs with 0-2 person marketing departments to achieve efficient sales results. Leveraging existing resources while minimizing costs, she offers expertise honed over 7+ years as a Freelance Content Marketing Strategist. A versatile contributor, Sarah is a thought leader, speaker, and mentor, adept at enhancing content strategy, marketing automation, and outreach. With a Masters in Written Communication from National Louis University, she continually shapes successful marketing narratives. In

The Secret to Content Marketing Strategies ft. Sarah Noel Block

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    In this podcast episode, Noel Block, the Head of Content Marketing at Infidigit, shares valuable insights on content marketing strategy. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the target audience and their needs to create relevant and engaging content. Noel discusses the significance of conducting thorough keyword research and optimizing content for search engines. He also highlights the role of storytelling in content marketing and how it helps in building a connection with the audience. Noel emphasizes the need for consistency and quality in content creation and suggests leveraging different formats like videos and podcasts to reach a wider audience. Overall, this podcast provides valuable tips and strategies for effective content marketing.

    Key Take Aways

    1. Understand your target audience: The blog emphasizes the importance of knowing your target audience and creating content that resonates with them. This helps in building a strong connection and driving engagement.
    2. Create valuable and relevant content: It is crucial to create content that adds value to the audience and is relevant to their needs and interests. This helps in establishing credibility and trust.
    3. Consistency is key: Consistently publishing high-quality content helps in building a loyal audience and improving search engine rankings.
    4. Utilize different content formats: The blog suggests using various content formats like blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts to cater to different audience preferences and increase reach.
    5. Optimize content for search engines: Implementing SEO techniques like keyword research, optimizing meta tags, and improving website speed can help in improving organic visibility and driving traffic.
    6. Leverage social media platforms: Utilize social media platforms to promote and distribute content, engage with the audience, and build a strong online presence.
    7. Measure and analyze performance: Regularly monitor and analyze content performance using tools like Google Analytics to identify what works and what needs improvement.
    8. Stay updated with industry trends: Keep up with the latest trends and changes in the digital marketing landscape to stay ahead of the competition and adapt strategies accordingly.

    Read Transcript

    Sarah Noel Block:- Content marketing is the only way that you can educate your prospects help them understand how they can solve their problem get in front of them while they’re in that mode your own podcast should be advertising your business I is here to stay so I see so many people especially content marketers fighting against it but it’s here to stay so you’re just going to die off slowly if you don’t adapt to it.

    Kaushal Thakkar :- Welcome to the growth genius podcast brought to you by infidigit an organization focused on SEO search engine optimization and CRO conversion rate optimization I am Kaushal Thakkar founder of infidigit and your host for this show today is a special day since this is the last episode of season 2 we will soon move into season 3 but for today we have a special guest with us she is referred to by many as the queen of content marketing she is also the CEO of tiny marketing she joins us from the windy city of Chicago coincidentally I am also in Chicago today let’s welcome Sarah Noel block hi Sarah how are you doing today.

    Sarah: – I’m good I’m good as you know it’s a crazy day.

    Kaushal: – No worries that’s perfectly fine but happy to know that you’re doing great today Sarah several of our viewers and listeners must already be knowing you but there may be a few who are not connected so for those people could you please help us know Sarah Noel block better?

    Sarah: – Yeah so, I am the founder of tiny marketing and I focus on education-based marketing for small teams so specifically I have created the Strategic story where I help teams understand what to say how to say it and where to say it to make it so much easier to Market.

    Kaushal: – Really nice and that’s really helpful I was going through some of the content on your website and some of your podcast those were really insightful thanks a lot for creating that kind of content?

    Sarah: – Thank you yeah if you’re a podcast listener which you must be since you’re listening it’s tiny marketing.

    Kaushal: – Yes thanks Sarah I should say that you are truly blessed to be in this particular City I’m enjoying the climate the weather and even the little bit of drizzle over the last few days today fortunately it’s sunny and it’s really nice day any must visit place that you would recommend for me and I’m here for the next few days?

    Sarah: – Yeah go to Garrett’s and get that popcorn for sure and go to North Beach North Beach is the prettiest one.

    Kaushal: – Wonderful so Sarah will just start why is content marketing important?

    Sarah: – Yeah well content marketing is the only way that you can educate your prospects help them understand how they can solve their problem get in front of them while they’re in that mode of I need to solve this problem I need to figure out the solution and then you become the solution so you build trust because you’re teaching them how to solve their problem and another great thing about content marketing is it sells for you it takes people through the sales process like 90 of the way so that by the time you get on a sales call they’re already convinced that you’re the right person it’s just a matter of pricing or your process.

    Kaushal: – Next any specific Trends which you would like to highlight specifically for 2023 that hey these are the trends in 2023 how it has changed over the previous years?

    Sarah: – Yeah well repurposing is all a raged that’s all anybody is talking about so if you’re creating a pillar piece of content like a podcast like what we’re doing right now you need to be using AI like to repurpose it into articles and Snippets and social media posts and there’s a ton of tools also that will take the video and turn it into verticals for you for YouTube shorts Tik Tok reels you can repurpose podcasts in so many ways and it gets more eyes on your well more ears on your podcast because they’re finding it through these different distribution channels.

    Kaushal: – Nice thanks and Sarah one connected question over there is VCS today are asking for higher and higher Returns on investments right for every penny they invest they at least need the money back plus definitely the returns which they would expect from a particular investment at the same time the entrepreneurs and marketers are facing this particular challenge that hey how to deliver the best Roi how can content marketing help our viewers in getting at least a 10x better Roi while maintaining the same head count?

    Sarah: – Yeah one creating that core piece of content that you can consistently create will take people let’s say it’s a podcast we’ll use podcasts for an example since that’s what we’re doing right now let’s say you have a podcast people become aware that you exist in the first place from your podcast channels whatever they’re listening to Apple podcast but your podcast is also selling them every time you have an episode you’re teaching them how to solve their problem so you’re bringing in more customers every single time it makes it so much easier but you have to be really strategic so think of it like a Content funnel so if you’re doing a podcast as your core content then make sure that you’re completing that funnel and you have a lead magnet attached to it your own podcast should be advertising your business like if you’re using Buzz Sprout pretty much anything you can have ads attached to your podcast have an ad for your business have an ad for the lead magnet that you’re going after even better is offering a lead magnet that’s normally charged let’s say it is a 40 dollar digital product but you give them a 100% discount to get it what does this do it doesn’t cost you anything because you created it once yes but it converts so many more people because they’re seeing that they’re getting a deal this is normally a paid one and now your listeners are on your list and email has like a 41 to 1 dollar Roi so once they got on your email list the ROI is there and you can sell to them.

    Kaushal: – Definitely the cells and thanks for those nuggets of gold wisdom that really helps us I’ll definitely recommend my viewers to implement those best practices across that thing now since you spoke of the podcast just want to understand there would be some people who have not started podcasting are there some easy ways that you would suggest for them to start recording podcasts or create their own channel?

    Sarah: – Yeah so I actually have been working with a client recently on this she is an author book to promote it on LinkedIn and as I was doing this I was like this would be an amazing podcast but she’s overwhelmed with the idea of starting a new podcast so here’s what I suggested one guesting they have a great guest podcast strategy so you’re converting those listeners to your audience start there and then I suggested that she do a capsule podcast so it’ll only be five episodes it’ll be a companion to her book but you don’t have to if you don’t want to commit to creating content consistently it’s a one-time deal you’re doing those five episodes it’s there and it will work in tandem with her book so doing a capsule podcast and guest podcasting is a great way to start and then you can move on to your regularly scheduled podcast.

    Kaushal: – That is good thank you Sarah one other point of discussion is the current times where we are the attention span of the users is reducing day by day from those videos which used to last for hours or at least a few minutes today we are in those days of videos which last only for a few seconds in such times how should content marketing change so that it addresses the needs of these people who are more used to those 30-second reels kind of content?

    Sarah: – Yeah you got to adapt to that be what people need you to be so something I do is I try to keep my podcast to about 20 minutes max people like this actually I was looking some research I think 22 minutes max is what you want your podcast to be for optimal listening time so keep it tight and then repurpose that podcast into those 20 second clips that people are craving all of those little sound bites and golden nuggets that people are telling you on your podcast repurpose the video and grab those that’s what I’ve been doing for my podcast and it has grown it so much YouTube shorts they love the clips of the gold nuggets from my guests.

    Kaushal: – That’s wonderful and since we would also like to keep it short and see how this particular podcast delivers one last question around the topic of content marketing considering the buzz which is going around generative AI with so much content which AI is going to deliver and expected to deliver in the coming months once it improves definitely or evolves from the current stage where the content is not that great how do you think it is going to impact content Marketing in the coming months or the coming years do content marketers need to worry about it?

    Sarah: – Worry no adapt yes AI is here to stay so I see so many people especially content marketers fighting against it but it’s here to stay so you’re just going to die off slowly if you don’t adapt to it use it strategically yes the content’s not perfect with AI and that’s your job to get it perfect so you can use it as a way to generate ideas or to improve the content you’ve created or draft and then take it one step further and fact check talk to resources and get expert quotes to add in add video elements to it with influencers there’s a ton of ways that you can work faster with AI but you got to adapt.

    Kaushal: – Thanks and one question outside content marketing so you have been a respectable marketer in the industry and you’re really doing good is there any specific suggestion which you would like to give to our audience so that they become better marketers and better human being?

    Sarah: – Specific solution for marketing to be better human beings that’s a lot of pressure I would say to I cannot speak for being a better human being but I can’t speak for being a better market yeah start with a single customer Avatar and Market to them look at your top 20% of customers and look at your favourite one who do you love working with and pretend like everything you create is for that person and your marketing will get so much better.

    Kaushal: – Perfect thank you and Sarah where should our audience connect with you?

    Sarah: – So I am most active on LinkedIn that’s where I spend my time, but your listeners can go to and there you can find all my things and I’m also going to like I was talking about earlier I’m going to give away one of my paid digital products a DIY customer Avatar bundle and it will be you’ll have 100 discount codes right on that page.

    Kaushal: – Sure thank you Sarah for sharing that for our audience specifically uh Sarah it was really a pleasure having you on this particular show thank you for being a part of it.

    Sarah: – Thank you and thanks for the time crunch.

    Kaushal: – Thank you so much for joining us on this episode of the growth genius I hope you learn how to create a 10x growth via content marketing from Sarah today please share your most important takeaways from this talk or if you have any questions for Sarah and us in the comment box thank you now go out there and create growth by yourself and your organization we’ll see you soon in season 3 of the growth genius podcast thank you.

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    The Secret to Content Marketing Strategies

    The Secret to Content Marketing Strategies ft. Sarah Noel Block