Episode 13 – Creating digital growth via exceptional user experience

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In episode #13, the co-founder of ZEUX Innovation, Saurabh Gupta, discusses the importance of user experience (UX) design for a business website. He talks about his work on designing UX and being an innovation leader for over a decade.  

An alumnus of National Institute of Design, Saurabh has become a pioneer in the UX field. He and his team at ZEUX have regularly delivered award-winning digital solutions and tremendous ROI for Fortune 500 companies worldwide across domains such as banking, financial services, telecom, technology and eCommerce. He is passionate about helping incumbent players and startups understand what it takes to create best-in-class digital experiences, leverage UX as a strategic differentiator and integrate design & innovation into their culture and long-term strategy.

So, let us join today’s Growth Genius, Saurabh Gupta and our host – founder and managing director of Infidigit, Kaushal Thakkar, where they talk about creating digital growth via exceptional user experience.

(02:31) Why is UX Important?

As the world is in an experience economy, it becomes necessary for companies to create memories for people through their products and services. It is the responsibility of UX designers to create digital experiences for new users and attracting them to the platform, staying relevant to the UX market, and keeping brands relevant to the customers. 

(05:04) UX Best Practices

Here are some best practices that UX designers need to follow:

  1. Understanding the two domains in UX – cognitive science and ergonomics. 
  2. Knowing how much is too much in design.
  3. Not overwhelming users with too much choice as it might get counterproductive.
  4. Organizing navigation in websites for users to know about their whereabouts on the website, 
  5. The time and effort need to put in the presentation of the UX matters. 
  6. From colour pallets to shapes, UX designers need to take care of how the website looks and performs. 
  7. The content available on the page should be readable enough to keep the visitors engaged in it. 
  8. Stakeholder visioning helps in bringing stakeholders together on one page about the UX.

(10:31) Examples of the navigation problems on the website

Navigation is one of the essential elements in creating a website. Since its inception, navigation has helped desktop users to navigate conveniently, but with recent updates, it has become the go-to option for mobile uses.   

(12:31) Some examples of the best practices of UX

ZEUX’s co-founder Saurabh Gupta revealed some of the best practices used while working with Byjus owned WhiteHat Jr. 

  1. Optimizing the UX of the platform is essential.
  2. Making sure that users get attracted to the UX design and sign up for a trial class.
  3. Performing system check. 
  4. Optimizing the platform and making it simpler to use. 

(15:09) Performance Metrics for UX measurement

Here is how ZEUX measured the performance metrics while working with WhiteHat Jr. 

  1. The number of people signed up for trial.
  2. The number of people attending the trial class,
  3. How many trial customers become paid one. 
  4. How many paid customers to use the app.
  5. An average basket size of people who buy courses online on the platform.
  6. The average amount of time spent on sessions. 

You can read about the case study about how ZEUX helped WhiteHat Jr. achieve an exponential growth on their website. 

(18:48) Mistakes made with UX Design on websites

Here are some common mistakes that UX designers make:

  1. Not researching before designing.
  2. Not taking feedback from customers.
  3. Not making a user-centric design.
  4. Brief keep changing, and design is stuck in the iteration stage for a long time.
  5. Not involving technology or SEO team in the designing process.
  6. Feedback from the team coming late may cause a delay in the deliverables.

(22:40) Would UX strategies be different for different domains – e.g. Insurance v/s eCommerce?

No, the UX strategies that designers employ to acquire users in a particular industry is different. However, the process of creating a UX design remains the same. From ensuring research and validation to taking stakeholders into consideration about products, the process of creating UX is the same. 

(24:10) The time frame of completing UX project?

The time frame for completing a UX project entirely depends on different types of domains and what strategies are used to achieve it. It might take months for a smaller website while it might years for a bigger one. 

(24:54) Your suggestions for the people who want to create successful SEO compliant websites?

Here are some suggestions shared by Saurabh Gupta for beginners who want to create successful SEO compliant websites:

Follow the three Es in your lives:

  1. Education – Having a formal education in computer engineering, designing, ergonomics, architecture, psychology, helps in building a strong foundation for UX designers.
  2. Experience – A beginners should have experience in creating UX design. From researching, validation, testing, and designing, a designer should have a good experience.
  3. Exposure – Beginners should meet people in the UX designing industry through conferences, workshops, meetings, and more.

Saurabh says that education contributes 10%, experience contributes 70%, and exposure is 20%. So it is essential to have good experience in creating a successful SEO compliant website.

Contact Information:

Genius, Saurabh Gupta


Host, Kaushal Thakkar


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Episode 13 – Creating digital growth via exceptional user experience