Infidigit's Experties Unleashes a 375% Surge In Organic Leads For MIS

The Client

MIS is a Laboratory that provides specialized microbiological investigation services to various industries and aims to support the product development process. MIS is one of the few labs in the world to provide anti-viral and anti-bacterial efficacy testing for products. They specialize in antibacterial and antiviral testing on treated textiles, plastics, coatings, and surface disinfectants.

The Objective

MIS was struggling with high-quality leads and website organic traffic. Their primary target regions, encompassing the United States, Europe, and South Asia; were underperforming. Their major objectives included:

Quality Lead Generation Surge:

Achieve a substantial increase in lead submissions compared to the baseline performance.

Traffic Enhancement:

Elevate the organic non-brand monthly clicks, especially in the specified regions, compared to the baseline performance.

Keyword Dominance in Top 3 Positions:

Increase the number of keywords ranked in the top 3 positions compared to the baseline performance.

The Challenge

Following were some of the challenges faced while implementing strategies for MIS:

Limited Page Count: When we started, MIS had a mere 30 pages, limiting their online presence. Our mission extended beyond traffic and leads; we needed to expand their digital footprint by increasing the number of pages.

Lack of SEO-Friendly Content: The existing content was far from SEO-optimized. Short in length and steeped in technical jargon, it needed a transformation to improve readability and search engine visibility.

Technical Hindrances: The intricate backend architecture of the website posed a significant roadblock. It hindered efforts to improve the Core Web Vitals scores, resulting in a poor user experience and hampering global loading times.

The Solution

Once all the objectives were clearly defined, Infidigit created a campaign that featured the following points:

Content: We strategically developed content clusters to establish topical authority, implementing a unique structure for our test pages in line with EEAT and Semantic SEO principles. Additionally, we enriched the user experience by incorporating an infographic outlining the test steps and a targeted FAQ emphasizing the Fast Track program’s unique selling points.

CRO: To instill user trust, we introduced testimonial and FAQ pages, enriching the user interface. Beyond a single CTA, we strategically placed CTA buttons, including ‘Get A Quote’ and ‘Consult an Expert,’ in the first fold. This approach emphasizes our commitment to customer support and expertise. Further, we integrated USPS and achievements through sticky bars at the top and multiple icons at the end of the content, enhancing credibility.

New Page Creations: Commencing with only 30 indexed pages and 3 categories, we expanded MIS with six categories and around 150 pages, incorporating multiple unique tests. This expansion resulted from meticulous competitor and keyword research, aligning our content with relevant and impactful test offerings. 

Technical Improvements: Addressing issues with the existing WordPress theme that hindered user experiences, particularly for European and South Asian audiences, we executed a theme migration which helped us improve our page speed score from 29 to 99 with technical optimization.

The Result

Post execution of all the strategies, the following results were observed for MIS:


Growth in Non-brand Clicks


Improvement in Organic Lead Count

From 26 to 155

Total number of keywords ranking in the top 3 positions

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Infidigit’s Expertise Unleashes a 375% Surge in Organic Leads for MIS.