Myntra Records 270% Revenue Growth in the Kids’ Category via SEO

The Client

Myntra is one of the top-ranking e-commerce websites in India. Customers cherish the platform for its reputed brands and high-quality collections that cater to all age groups and categories. In a short span of time, Myntra has become the online fashion capital of India and has been outperforming other competitive e-commerce giants.

The Objective

Since becoming a market leader in the men’s & women’s categories, Myntra has aimed for the same in the kids’ category by generating higher revenue & competing against Amazon and Flipkart. Here is where Infidigit stepped in with its expertise to help Myntra achieve its goal.

Myntra & Infidigit planned to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase the revenue of the kids’ category by 100%
  • Increase the keywords ranking #1 by 100%
  • Increase organic traffic by 100%
  • Become the market leader in the kids’ category

To achieve these objectives, team Infidigit created a hexa-dimensional strategy which as the name suggests concentrated on six different aspects of advanced SEO. This, in turn, helped us to overachieve above business objectives and also strengthened Myntra’s position in the kids category as the leading fashion e-commerce destination in India.

The Challenge

Unoptimized Crawl Budget:
51% of the URLs present on the website that were being crawled by the web crawlers were irrelevant. This led to unnecessary wastage of crawl budget

Page Speed Issues: The website suffered from a very high bounce rate because of slow page load speed. This made the users exit the website very quickly leading to poor user experience and less conversion

Schema Implementation Complexity: The website did not utilize structured data for its different page types and was missing out on rich results which have a very high CTR in SERPS

Content Gap Analysis: The content present on the website was not optimized for featured snippets and lacked a uniform structure. Also, the content did not comprise of high search volume keywords. Many pages on the website were also missing content

Keyword identification: Conducting keyword research for a relatively new category for Myntra, the kids’ category was a challenge as search queries and user intent differ substantially, affecting on-page optimizations.

The Solution

Once the objectives were finalised by team Myntra and team Infidigit, it was time to take some action for team Infidigit. That’s where we implemented a well thought of hexa dimensional SEO strategy. Hexa-dimensional strategy was implemented with the help of Myntra’s marketing, product and engineering team. This hexa-dimensional strategy consisted of six important SEO aspects which required to be implemented to achieve the above stated objectives.

This hexa-dimensional strategy included:

  1. Optimize Crawl Budget by performing advanced log file analysis
  2. Targeting higher CTR by implementing FAQ, video, breadcrumb & rating schema.
  3. Optimize Page Speed
  4. Curate Informative content & a dynamic price table on list pages
  5. Update contextual links to boost page rankings
  6. Influencer Marketing

Besides adhering to best SEO practices,we pushed the envelope of innovation by implementing the following technical SEO techniques.

Optimize Crawl Budget by performing advanced log file analysis

  1. We analyzed log files, which helped us understand that 51% of the URLs that were being crawled were not relevant ones.
  2. We excluded these irrelevant URLs from being crawled to increase the Crawl Budget for relevant URLs.
  3. All crucial pages were discovered by the bot and a jump from 28 lakh indexed pages to 63 lakh indexed pages achieved, thus helping us double the visibility on SERPs.

Target higher CTR by implementing FAQ, Video, Breadcrumb & Rating Schema

  1. FAQ schema to answer the end-users’ queries thus increasing overall CTR for respective keywords.
  2. Product schema to showcase the price, offers & availability of products on the SERP to the end-user for better visibility. 
  3. “How To” Schema for answering users queries with just one search and thus increasing brand visibility.
  4. Video schema for visibility in videos SERPs, thus increasing the average time spent on the landing page by an end-user.
  5. Breadcrumb schema for easy navigation for bots as well as end-users.
  6. Optimization of the content for Featured Snippet listings on List (both numbered and bulleted) and Table Snippets.

Besides the innovations specified above, here are some more implementations which were executed to ensure efficient crawling, making page dynamic in nature and gaining featured snippets in SERPs which helped in achieving the aforementioned objectives:

Update contextual links to boost page rankings

  1. Extensive kids-category-specific keyword research.
  2. Creating landing pages for high-search-volume terms & implementing on-page elements meticulously.
  3. Contextual & footer linking to help high-search-volume keywords to gain ranking.
  4. Writing unique & relevant meta title & descriptions.

Optimize Page Speed

  1. We identified that page speed was a crucial element impacting overall website traffic, so we implemented technical changes that helped us increase the page speed by 104.44%.
  2. This also helped in reducing the bounce rate and increasing the average time spent on a page by the end-user.

Influencer Marketing

  1. Infidigit turned to influencer marketing to increase user involvement. Several influencers partnered with Infidigit to promote Myntra to raise product awareness & gain popularity in the kids’ category.

The Result

Compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, the above mentioned strategic plans achieved the following: 

  1. Myntra’s Kids’ Category saw 270% revenue growth
  2. Keywords ranking in the first position increased by 273.87%.
  3. Myntra’s Kids’ Category saw 201% growth in organic sessions
  4. Share of voice saw a 203.35% increase
  5. 90% More Impressions through Kids category pages compared to 2018 Campaign. 
  6. 32% More Clicks through Kids category pages compared to 2018 Campaign. 
  7. 30% improvement in average position through Kids category pages compared to 2018 Campaign.
  8. Kids Category saw 193.64% growth in Organic Users
  9. Kids Category saw 188.33% growth in Organic New Users
  10. Kids Category saw 201% growth in Organic New Users
  11. A growth of 270% was observed in Organic Revenue
  12. A growth of 252% was recorded in ROI
  13. Bounce Rate from kids category dropped by 27%
  14. 104% improvement in page speed post implementing technical changes.


Revenue Growth in Myntra’s Kids Category


Increase in Keyword Rankings in the First Position


Increase in Organic New Users for Kids Category


Increase in Share of Voice


More Impressions through Kids Category Pages Compared to the 2018 Campaign


More Clicks Through Kids Category Pages Compared to the 2018 Campaign


Improvement in Average Position Through Kids Category Pages Compared to the 2018 Campaign


Increase in Organic Users for Kids Category


Improvement in Organic New Users for Kids Category


Increase in Growth was Recorded in ROI


Bounce Rate dropped in the kids category


Improvement in Page Speed Post Implementing Technical Changes

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Myntra Records 270% Revenue Growth via SEO