DAAS Company Case Study

How Infidigit & a DAAS based company achieved 83% Growth In Transactions During Pandemic Via SEO

The company which we are referring to is a research platform that enables people to make informed decisions. For this, they have organized information that provides you with a format that is understandable and saves your time. They intend to provide everything about a business in one place.

What they were looking for?

  • Recover drop in Sessions due to COVID-19 & Increase Organic Sessions by 70% in 6 Months
  • Increase Click Share by 50%
  • Increase keywords ranking in top 10 on SERP

What Infidigit Provided them ?

0 %
Increase in Organic Sessions in 7 months

Implemented technical SEO to resolve issues related to pagination, URL structure.

0 x
Growth in Click Share

Our strategy and implementation helped them to increase Click Share by 5x.

Keywords are Ranking in Top 10

The result of our SEO strategy helped them to improve keyword rankings.

How Did We Achieve These Results?

Technical SEO

The website was audited using an extensive audit checklist on different parameters


Roadmap for technical SEO was defined as per recommendations and their impact


We resolved issues related to Pagination, URL Structure, Schema, Internal Linking & More

Content Optimisation

Meta & Header tags weren’t optimized on millions of pages


Considering the quantum of pages, a formulated approach was desired


Meta tags were optimized using custom script & Header tags were created using a page level logic

On-page Optimisation

Thin content was present across the website


Formulated content was needed as manual content creation was time consuming for identified pages


Important assets were pulled from backend in the content without manual intervention

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