Content Publishing Website Case Study

How Infidigit and a Content Publishing Platform for Events increase their Followers & Local Subscriptions via Facebook Ads

A leading content publishing platform that promotes events across the city wanted to increase their subscribers and wanted to become the popular source of information about the events happening around the city.

What they were looking for?

Since they were facing difficulties with the engagement of people to their platform, they relied on Infidigit to help them with more participation. The objectives of the campaign were:

  • Increase the engagement to their platform
  • Increase in Subscribers

What Infidigit Provided them ?

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Increased User Acquisition Cost by

The number of followers for this platform increased by 24 times within a short period of time. This helped them to improve their engagement on the platform.

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Increased Subscribers by

Our expertise in Facebook campaigns helped them to increase their local subscribers by 200%

How Did We Achieve These Results?

Promoted Local Events

We took advantage of local events and published content on their Facebook account as well as their website. This attracted many people to know more about popular events & activities  happening in the city.

People Engagement Activities

We initiated people engagement activities like quiz and games on their Facebook account. The games & quiz revolved around the questions, facts & latest news of the city. This resulted in the above-mentioned  increase in followers and subscriptions for their Facebook account.

Business Promotion

We promoted their website on Facebook via the latest news updates. Latest news helped them to increase their brand visibility which resulted in revenue increase.

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