How Myntra’s Subscriber Acquisition Improved by 140% in 5 Months

The Client

Myntra is India’s leading e – commerce platform that caters to all age groups with best-quality collections from reputable brands. Competing with other e-commerce giants, Myntra has outperformed and become India’s online capital for the fashion enthusiasts.

The Objective

Myntra wanted to create a foothold in the beauty and fashion space on YouTube which is largely dominated by well established influencers. To bring about the same and quantify the results, the following objectives were put in place:

  • Improvement in Subscriber Growth
  • Increase in Watch hours
  • Increased View Duration
  • Increase in Video Views

The Challenge

YouTube is an overly saturated space, flooded with content from established influencers and content creators, especially in the Beauty and Lifestyle niches. Thus, acquiring more subscribers meant surpassing the content quality shared by such creators, that is both engaging and informative.

The Solution

With a clear objective in place, the following ideas were proposed to come to a fruitful resolution. The ideation consisted of the following solutions:

Topic and Keyword research

  • Infidigit conducted a thorough content gap analysis and an in-depth keyword research to help create content around seasonal and trending topics in the beauty and fashion niche. Major focus was on creating the best possible videos by resolving to create in-trend and relevant content. For eg. Traditional fashion related videos were targeted during festive season and also seasonal videos were created considering the monsoon/winter season.

  • Creation of Long-form Compilation videos: Initially, Myntra channel had videos with an average length of less than 2 mins. To increase the length, Infidigit came up with the idea of compiling videos. Three/Four relevant videos of smaller duration were combined to create a long form video that had a watch duration of at least 4 minutes. This allowed the users to consume long form video content on the channel thus improving the Avg. View duration.

The videos present on the channel did not have optimized Titles and descriptions. Infidigit created and implemented keyword rich titles and descriptions to all the videos on the channel to ensure better search visibility on YouTube for high volume keywords.

Timestamps & Hashtags addition

Hashtags are an important and easy way to tell YouTube Search Algorithms that your topic is associated with a certain topic or category. It also helps YouTube understand if your video is related to the new and popular trends. Sometimes users may search for the category and not the topic, in such cases, hashtags help users find your video. Timestamps help the viewers to easily understand and find all the key moments/chapters covered in a video. In case if a user wants to watch only one sub-topic of the whole video, he/she can easily click on that timestamp and view that video. Apart from user convenience, adding Timestamps to all Myntra videos helped us achieve more real estate in Google Search results as well.

Improving Channel UI

 User interface is one of the most important aspects that attract a user to the videos and the channel on YouTube. Thumbnails and Video Intro/Outro are two major UI/UX elements of YouTube for the users.

Video Thumbnails

Earlier, Myntra channel did not follow a theme or portray any brand colors in their thumbnails. Also, thumbnails did not follow a uniform template across the channel. Infidigit created a unique & attractive template for thumbnails and deployed more than 900 thumbnails across the channel in a period of 5 months.

Intro and Outro

Intros and outros in any video are to build a strong base at the beginning and well-supported statement at the end. Initially, Videos on Myntra’s YouTube channel began without any intro and outro. 

Infidigit started adding Intro in the videos to get the hold of the viewers to watch the entire video along with a concluding outro in the end. This helped in enhancing the user engagement

Internal Linking

YouTube video internal linking helps to encourage the users to consume more & more relevant content on the channel.

  1. Related Video links –

In video descriptions, Infidigit placed links to contextual videos whose topics revolved around the video that the user had just watched. In case, if the topic is relevant and interesting for the user, he/she will end up watching another video on the channel.

  1. Endscreen Optimization –

End screen cards play a huge role in retaining viewers. Infidigit started implementing relative end cards at the end of every video on the channel. Apart from adding relevant video end screens, a Subscribe button was also added in the end so that when new users are watching the video they can subscribe to the channel from there itself.

The idea was to make our content more reachable and easily accessible. A new viewer watching a video on the channel would go on to watch more and more videos because of these end screen suggestions. This increased the view count and watch hours considerably.

Leveraging YouTube Shorts

Shorts, the new youtube short video format is the new big thing in YouTube marketing. The immensely popular feature of YouTube Shorts was used to increase reach. The team decided to make the most of it with the idea to promote short format and useful content like DIYs, hacks and more. Myntra’s shorts helped expand the viewership base immensely.

The Result

Infidigit helped Myntra’s YouTube channel grow substantially over a period of 5 months in terms of Views and Subscribers.With the efforts from Infidigit, Myntra’s Subscriber acquisition improved by 140% within a period of 5 months

  1. With addition of more than 100 videos a month to the channel, people started to consume more and more content from Myntra’s YouTube channel. This helped in boosting the Organic Watch hours of the channel by 238%
  2. Within a span of 5 months, Infidigit added ~250 long form compilation videos to the channel that had a duration of 4-5 mins. This helped in increasing the Average View duration of the channel by 107.35%

Adding Long form videos and Shorts on the channel along with video optimization helped in increasing the Video views from organic sources by 67%


Subscriber Acquisition improved


Organic Watch Hours Increased


View duration increased


Organic Video views increased

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Myntra YouTube Case Study