Abentra Case Study

How Abentra Overcame The Pandemic With 6X Growth On Category Pages

Abentra APAC Award

Abentra is a UAE-based online classifieds platform that offers sellers the opportunity to add listings for a wide range of services free of cost. It has a presence across the Middle East and India.

What was Abentra looking for?

  • Improvement in Crawl Rate
  • Improvement in Keyword Rankings
  • Increase in Organic Sessions

What Infidigit Provided them ?

Pages crawled on an average per day from 1000

Implemented technical SEO to improve the crawl rate of website.

Keywords started ranking in top 20 positions

Our strategy and implementation helped Abentra to improve keyword rankings.

0 x
Increase in Organic sessions

With best SEO practices we have helped Abentra to increase the organic sessions.

Number of Awards Won

A Gold at Drivers of Digital award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign during COVID-19. This is the fastest award-winning campaign as significant results were delivered within 6 months only.

How Did We Achieve These Results?

User Intent Optimisation

User Intent study was conducted for thousands of keywords

Custom title & description were written for multiple category pages

Header tags were optimized for several category pages

Featured Snippet Targeting

Content audits helped discover the lack of textual content on category pages.

Localized content was developed.

Featured snippet guidelines were followed during content creation.

Technical SEO

Website was audited through automated tools and manual process.

Internal links on the site were using JS earlier which was fixed later.

Top navigation & contextual footer were deployed.

Textual content was used to link pages with specific anchor texts.

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