How Abentra Overcame The Pandemic With 6x Growth On Category Pages

The Client

Abentra is a UAE-based online classifieds platform that offers sellers the opportunity to add listings for a wide range of services free of cost. It has a presence across the Middle East and India. The shopper-centric platform helps individuals and businesses buy, sell, rent cars, properties, find employment and much more.

The Objective

Abentra wished to optimize its platform to better cater to the user intent. This led to the alignment of a few objectives:

  1. Improvement in Crawl Rate
  2. Improvement in Keyword Rankings
  3. Increase in Organic Sessions

The Challenge

With the arrival of 2020, the pandemic had hit businesses hard globally, and Abentra was no exception. Thus, the dependence on sustainable and rewarding digital mediums became the need of the hour. Abentra needed to increase their presence of Google search since over 92% of the organic searches come via Google.

The Solution

A user intent study was conducted for thousands of category and page-level keywords. Then, considering the number of pages, we initiated with the category pages, and custom titles and descriptions were written. Along with this, header tags were optimised for several category pages.

The Result


Increase in organic sessions


Pages crawled on an average per day from 1000


Keywords started ranking in the top 20 positions


Award Won

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Abentra Case Study