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How Infidigit Helped to Improve Blog Site Traffic by 213% Via SEO in 3 Months

About the wanted to give its users the best possible solutions to all their questions related to fitness, wellness & healthy eating. To do this, they started to make health and wellness information accessible, understandable, and actionable so that readers can make the best possible decisions about their health. Here, you’ll find all the quality information about all things of fitness & nutrition.

What they were Looking for

  • Increase in Organic Clicks
  • Improvement in Ranking
  • Increment in Keyword Coverage
  • Improvement in Session
  • Improvement in Users

What Infidigit Achieved?

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Accelerated its Organic Clicks

In December 2021, Infidigit team started working on, during which we noticed a dip in organic clicks by 60% & organic impressions by 63%. 

With our continuous efforts has been able to increase their clicks through organic channels with the help of the Infidigit team, which also led us to increase the visibility on SERP and thus improved clicks proportionally.

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Improvement in Organic Impression

Infidigit helped improve their impression.


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Increase in Organic Session

Over the month, Infidigit helped improve their Sessions drastically. 

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Increase in New Users

Infidigit helped to increase the number of new users.

Improvement in Organic Keywords

Our website ranked with 5228 Organic Keywords (as reported in ahrefs). By the end of our third month after launch, our website ranked for 10263 organic keywords, i.e. an increase of 5035 keywords or 96.31%.

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Increase in Keyword Coverage

By re-optimising existing targeting pages, adding effective keywords and structured content to the pages further helped the website achieve a significant improvement in keyword coverage, which enabled us to garner traffic for our website.

How Did We Achieve These Results?

After doing competitor research and the topic that was missing on the main website, Infidigit came across an idea of targeting those topics on the blog website. Eventually, the team started inculcating keyword-rich content for around 450 new topics & made sure that most of the content was evergreen, which led us to gain more traffic & visibility on SERP.

After creating new pages, it was challenging to index those pages. The Infidigit team created a HTML sitemap page called fitness glossary where we provided all the internal links with its anchor text for the new blog & old blog so the process of indexing can take place faster. Giving an internal link to the already index page helps us to index many new pages on the SERP.

Run a broken link checker on site and remove all of them.

A 301 redirect is a way of sending website visitors to a live URL; no matter which CMS you use. To prevent users from landing on broken page, Infidigit set up 301 redirects appropriately. This helps us to pass link equity from the redirected page. 

Infidigit makes sure that every post on the site contains canonical links to the URLs.

Initially, website had a template-based title and meta description without proper target keywords. 

To tackle this, the Infidigit team created unique title and meta descriptions for approximately 450 pages with proper target keywords and optimizations. This helped in achieving a better ranking for their pages.

The Infidigit team did the internal linking in the content itself with proper primary keywords to get valuable internal links from content.

Adding contextual links helps us improve the crawl rate, making it easier for bots to crawl the pages. Furthermore, we reached out to the various pages, thereby helping us to improve page ranking & pass page authority. 

To create more internal links for the keywords that are giving us more clicks & impressions, the Infidigit team created a ‘Top searches’ section for essential categories. We targeted all these money keywords to improve their ranking & page authority.

Some Snapshots

Organic Clicks

GSC Data for organic Clicks

Organic Impressions

Organic Sessions

New Users

Organic Keywords 2021

Organic Keywords 2022

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