Vacuum Company Case Study

How Infidigit & a USA based Vacuum Accessories providers company reduced their CPA & increase ROAS via PPC Campaign

About Vacuum Company

The company which we are referring to is one of the leading vacuum accessories providers in the USA market. Situated in Texas, it provides vacuum accessories from wheel shafts to valve stems and everything in between. It not only supplies vacuum appliances for residential use but also for commercial users in the USA market.

What they were looking for?

Since they did not make the best of their previous PPC campaigns, they relied on Infidigit to help them increase their ROI via paid ads. For this, Below were the objectives which were defined by both the teams:

  • Increase the ROI via paid ads
  • Reduce the cost per acquisition cost (CPA)

What Infidigit Provided them?

0 x
ROAS Increased by

Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) of this vacuum accessory provider company increased from 2x to 6x within a short span of time.

11.8 $
CPA Decreased by

With our expertise in PPC campaigns, we reduced Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from 11.8 USD to 7.4 USD. This helped our client to gain customers at a reasonably low cost as compared to its previous spends.

How Did We Achieve These Results?

Google shopping ads which appear on the top of search results helped us to target relevant customers to the website. With high-quality images & description about the products, we managed to convert leads into customers which led to an increase in their revenue.

Apart from shopping ads, we also focused on generating leads via paid search campaigns. We initiated campaigns which targeted highly relevant & search volume keywords with proper title & description of the landing page. This strategy soon saw the right amount of clicks on SERPs, which led to an increase in conversions for the company.

Remarketing is also one of the techniques we used to target the customers who visited the website earlier but did not make the purchase at that stage. This strategy helped us to bring back the customers to our domain instead of going to competitors. Return on investment saw excellent growth after such remarketing campaigns

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