Infidigit Boosts D&B’s Leads by 176% and Conversion Rate by a staggering 110%

The Client

Dun & Bradstreet stands at the forefront of the B2B data, insights, and AI-driven platform industry. Since 1841, we’ve empowered organizations worldwide to thrive, leveraging our Data Cloud, which boasts over 500 million records. Our solutions fuel growth, enhance revenue, fortify relationships, and ensure compliance in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The Objective

While Dun & Bradstreet had a substantial volume of website traffic, their primary goal was to amplify conversions, particularly through the Organic channel. With the challenge firmly in mind, Dun & Bradstreet established clear objectives:

  • Increasing Organic Leads, with a stringent qualification process by the BD team.
  • Enhancing Organic Goal Completion, meticulously tracked through Google Analytics (GA).
  • Elevating the Organic Conversion Rate, measured both by the BD team’s qualification and GA’s goal completion metrics.
  • Significantly reducing the Organic Cost Per Lead (CPL), which exceeded 600+ for each conversion.
  • Augmenting Organic Goal Completions specifically from the Desktop version of the website.

The Challenge

In a digital world brimming with brands vying for online prominence, even an industry leader like Dun & Bradstreet faced a unique challenge. While our global and local presence was strong, our Indian website struggled to achieve the desired conversion rates. Technical glitches, uninspiring content, UI/UX design hurdles, and user journey complexities hindered our path. Though traffic flowed in, the conversion needle lagged, particularly from transactional and commercial keywords.

Our journey to excellence began by addressing critical technical issues, ensuring a stable foundation for success. We delved into every aspect, revamping headlines, enriching content, and enhancing the UX of hero pages.

The Solution

In the bustling digital realm, understanding the challenges of our website was our cornerstone. To surmount these, we adopted a clear, deliberate approach:

User-Centric Philosophy: Above all, we pledged allegiance to the user. Recognizing that an intuitive, user-centric experience was paramount, we dove into an extensive exploration through user research and surveys. Engaging directly with our audience, we aspired to grasp their pain points, preferences, and passions. The feedback was our compass, guiding our strategic decisions.

Technical Robustness: An optimized website isn’t just about content; it’s about speed, responsiveness, and reliability. Our technical team delved deep, addressing critical issues, ensuring fast page load times, and optimizing overall website performance.

Mobile Revolution: While desktop was significant, the potential of the mobile demographic was undeniable. We ventured to magnify the mobile experience, focusing on intuitive interfaces and seamless transitions.

Lead Quality Over Quantity: With the goal of optimizing our BD team’s efficiency, we refined our lead capture process. A strategic change in form structure ensured that only genuine, high-intent users engaged.

Deep Dive Analytics: The journey was underpinned by rigorous data analysis. Employing advanced tools, especially Microsoft Clarity, we dissected user interactions. Every action, from clicks to scrolls, was meticulously analyzed to decipher the user’s digital journey.

Behavioral Understanding: Comprehensive insights into user behavior, traffic patterns, and engagement rates painted a vivid picture of user interactions and preferences. This deep understanding helped tailor our strategy to cater to specific needs.

UI/UX Paradigm: With insights from heatmap tools, we sculpted a UI/UX that was both aesthetically captivating and intuitively structured. The focus was to minimize friction, enhancing the user’s digital voyage.

Trust as a Pillar: We emphasized trust signals prominently. Our legacy, client success stories, and testimonials stood as sentinels, affirming our credibility. This deliberate showcasing aimed to instill confidence in our users.

SEO With Intent: Our SEO wasn’t just about visibility; it was about relevance. By targeting high-intent keywords, we ensured that our digital footprint resonated with users genuinely interested in our offerings.

The Result

Collaboration between Infidigit and D&B teams produced remarkable results from January 2023 to July 2023:


Increased in Qualified Organic Leads


Reduction in Optimized Organic CPL


Increase in Organic Lead Goals (Desktop)


Increase in Organic Lead Goals (Mobile)


Increase in Conversion Rate

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Infidigit Boosts D&B’s Leads by 176% and Conversion Rate by a staggering 110%