Increasing Non-Brand Clicks by 11X for an Ethnic Wear Brand

The Client

Libas, an esteemed ethnic wear brand, redefined its online presence in the competitive digital fashion market through a strategic collaboration with Infidigit. The following case study explores the journey of Libas and Infidigit as they boosted non-brand clicks and organic sessions, demonstrating the profound impact of targeted SEO strategies on business growth and brand distinction.

Young, fashionable, and accessible, these three words define the project. It is an ethnic fashion brand that narrates the story of a modern Indian woman who is free-spirited, independent, and evolved. Launched in 1985, this 37-year-old brand provides everything from stylish ethnic wear to comfortable fusion silhouettes for women, carefully curated in line with fashion trends worldwide.

The Objective

To improve the Non-Brand Clicks and Overall Organic Sessions, the following objectives were set collaboratively by Libas and Infidigit.

  • Enhance the ranking of non-branded keywords on SERP in comparison to competitors.
  • Boost the overall organic sessions by optimizing collection pages and blogs.

Campaign Duration: Jan’23 Vs Feb’22

The Challenge

  • Ethnic wear is a highly competitive niche in India.
  • Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra are prominent marketplaces that have established a strong presence in the ethnic wear niche. They held the top 3 positions for Libas’ most targeted keywords, posing a significant challenge.

The Solution

Keyword Gap Analysis

To target all the potential queries relevant to the brand, Infidigit performed detailed and well-planned keyword research and Gap Analysis of their direct competitors. Important keywords with good search volume were identified.

For an appropriate optimization strategy, keywords were categorized and keyword-to-URL mapping was performed.

New Page Creation

After conducting extensive research on the most successful competitor’s top-ranking keywords and product availability, Infidigit created new URLs on Libas’ website. The efforts were successful in accurately aligning the appropriate short and long-tail keywords with the relevant URLs that corresponded to the user’s search intent and the products being offered.

Content Strategy

In order to improve Libas’ website’s SERP rankings, Infidigit created a content strategy focused on generating high-quality content with relevant keywords that had a high search volume. Infidigit utilized Libas’ previous keyword analysis and URL mapping to develop a list of target keywords to include in their content.

Improving the Clicks on SERP

Infidigit optimized the meta titles and descriptions of Libas’ collection pages by prioritizing important primary and secondary keywords. Click-through rates and ranking positions were regularly monitored and meta tags were adjusted accordingly.

Internal Linking

One of the best SEO strategies is internal linking to significant pages. So, Infidigit performed the following activities to boost the internal links on the website:

  • Popular Searches for Blogs, Products and Collection Pages
  • Internal linking in content for both Blogs and Collections
  • Internal linking in the Static footer

High-quality backlinks from authority domains

Infidigit focused on Off-Page Optimization techniques such as Social bookmarking, Image submission, and Document/PDF submissions.

The team also conducted Blogger Outreach Activities to build backlinks with good DA.

Backlinks were built using a Q&A website like Quora, which is a well-known forum website that is popular among Indian users.

A Backlink Audit/Analysis was conducted and highlighted the areas of improvement.

Technical Implementations

  • FAQ Schema:

To enhance Libas’ SERP Ranking, Infidigit integrated FAQ schemas on their Collection Pages and blog posts to attract more clicks and impressions. 

As a result, Libas observed a substantial increase in clicks and impressions for their top collection pages and blogs, largely due to the FAQ section.

  • Top Navigation:

Infidigit identified the advantages of incorporating a Mega Menu/Drop-Down Menu into the Top navigation to enhance UI/UX and established internal links.

Infidigit recommended a strategic modification to the Collections Pages’ filter menu, advising the integration of suitable URLs in place of basic filters to enhance user navigation and improve page relevancy.

The Result

February 2022 vs. January 2023 :

1. Compared to February 2022, in January 2023, Libas’ Organic Sessions increased by 254.61%
2. Compared to February 2022, in January 2023, Libas’ Blog Organic Sessions increased by 1,784.06%
3. Out of the Overall Numbers, the contribution of the increase was from the Non-brand queries. Libas’ Non-Brand Clicks also increased by 11X whereas Non-Brand Impressions increased by 15X
4. Non-Brand Keywords Ranking Improvement: Libas saw an improvement in their Non-brand keywords ranking on the first page.  Compared to February 2022, in January 2023, Libas’ Rankings improved on rank 1 by 833%


Infidigit made significant efforts towards implementing effective SEO strategies, including creating high-quality content, generating quality backlinks, and achieving the target KPIs.

Given their future insights, Libas decided to place greater emphasis on the technical aspects of SEO. They will develop optimized blogs with high-quality content to upgrade their current strategies.

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Increasing Non-Brand Clicks by 11X for an Ethnic Wear Brand