Extramarks achieves a 126x surge in organic users within the CBSE category

The Client

Incorporated in 2007 by Mr Atul Kulshrestha, Extramarks is India’s oldest and most trusted EdTech giant that provides education support to learners and teachers through its new-age digital solutions. 

The company is a pioneer in creating an end-to-end learning ecosystem with a vision to make quality education available to everyone.

The Objective

Extramarks wanted to implement a strategy that would help them boost their Organic Traffic. Apart from that, here were the objectives that were laid down:

  • Achieve a 100X growth in non-branded organic traffic within the CBSE category.
  • Increase visibility on the 1st Page of Google SERP for CBSE-related keywords by 100X
  • Create and optimize more than 2,000 CBSE-related pages
  • Improve technical stability of the platform to enhance crawling and indexing.

The Challenge

Extramarks had quite a few competitors in the market. With some big names like Byjus, Vednatu, Unacademy already the market leaders, Infidigit had to bring their A-game to meet the brand’s expectations. 

  1.   In the context of CBSE-related content, there was a notable absence of a comprehensive content repository, leading to substantial information gaps.
  2.   A crucial aspect that needs improvement is the design of webpages dedicated to CBSE content. The current design lacks user-friendliness and fails to engage the audience effectively.
  3.   Significant deficiency is the lack of a structured content framework, which hinders both search engine optimization (SEO) and user-friendliness.
  4.   Both on-page and off-page elements on the website are under-optimized, which has a detrimental impact on its visibility and reach. Improvements in these areas are essential for a more robust online presence.
  5.   The technical stability of the website was a concern, as it affects critical processes such as crawling by search engines, indexing of content, and overall user experience. Enhancing technical stability is vital to ensure smooth website performance and seamless user interaction.

The Solution

Strategy Overview

In order to create a long-term organic growth, a phase-wise approach was planned,

  • Crafting a comprehensive and intricate taxonomy Subject, class, and board wise pages through analysis of the competition.
  • Devising an elaborate page layout and content structure optimized for SEO.
  • On-page and technical optimization for newly created pages.

With this plan a customized strategy was created to achieve an overall growth.

SEO Strategy

Infidigit provided a comprehensive SEO strategy, which included the following solutions:
  • Category Analysis Identifying subject-specific categories through rigorous competitive analysis, leading to the creation of dedicated subject-specific pages. This strategic addition directly contributed to a measurable uptick in organic traffic, underscoring the impact of our insights-driven approach.
  • Website Architecture Developed a comprehensive taxonomy for various categories, enhancing content organization and aiding search engine understanding. This strategic structure facilitated easier navigation for users and improved the site’s overall discoverability.
  • Keyword Research & URL Mapping Performed meticulous mapping of old URLs to new URLs, seamlessly redirecting users and search engines to the updated content locations. This strategic transition ensured minimal disruption to traffic and maintained organic search visibility.
  • User Experience A user-friendly layout is super important when it comes to subject specific pages. With the help of detailed competition analysis several layout changes were suggested which help make the subject specific pages section more user-friendly and accessible.
  • Dynamic Rendering: One of the first issues we encountered on the Extramarks website was with CSR & SSR implementation. Once fixed search engine bots were able to access the content. In addition to addressing CSR & SSR issues, various technical enhancements were made, including mobile-friendly web pages, proper implementation of 301 redirections, global header navigation, Core web vitals, Breadcrumb navigation and more. These improvements elevated our overall technical SEO health score, facilitating better Google crawling, indexing, and higher SERP rankings.
  • Crawling Optimization:  By strategically adding table links to our content, we were able to enhance crawling efficiency. These resulted in enhanced accessibility and user value, ultimately driving increased traffic. In order to improve the bot and users experience and to enhance the overall crawlability of the website, a detailed SEO-friendly navigation was designed. Ensuring that all the important links are present in the navigation.
  • E-E-A-T Content In order to compete with our competitors, it was necessary to craft an SEO-friendly content structure for subject-specific pages as it would enhance user experience and also improve search engine visibility. 
  • API Indexing: Because we didn’t have a sitemap organized by categories, getting our web pages properly indexed was a challenge. With our client’s approval, we used a tool called Google API for indexing. This tool, managed through Python via the command prompt, allowed us to submit 200 URLs every day for indexing. As a result, we saw a consistent increase in the number of pages getting indexed each month.
  • Structured Data Structured data is the best way to make the life of a search engine bot easier. With the implementation of schema tags, Search engine bots were able to understand the web pages in a much better way.
  • On Page Optimization: On-page optimization activity was one of the crucial part which was performed to drive SEO growth. By fine-tuning content, meta tags, headers, schema and internal links, we aimed to enhance relevancy, boost search rankings, and improve the overall user experience.
  • Off Page: Strategic off-page activates helped Extrmarks to build a positive authority in the eyes of Google and improved the overall domain authority. We also, performed a detailed backlink audit, disavowing spammy domains linking to Extramarks’ website. This helped improve how easily the website is crawled by search engines and boosted its authority and backlinks.

The Result

After the strategies were laid out in a strategic manner, Infidigit witnessed the following results for  the Extramarks Wesbite.

CBSE Non Brand Clicks Improved by 27,274%

CBSE Overall Impressions Improved by 5,168%

CBSE Overall Sessions Improved by 15,326%

CBSE Overall Organic Users Improved by 12,697%

CBSE Overall New Users Improved by 11,735%

CBSE Keywords in Top 10 Position Improved by 1,586%

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Increase in Organic Users within the CBSE category through our dynamic SEO strategies