Extramarks’ Teaching App Installs Increased by 759% after App Store Optimization

The Client

Incorporated in 2007 by Mr Atul Kulshrestha, Extramarks is India’s oldest and most trusted EdTech giant that provides education support to learners and teachers through its new-age digital solutions. The company is a pioneer in creating an end-to-end learning ecosystem with a vision to make quality education available to everyone. Not just in India, but its reach is spread across many other countries, including Singapore, Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar and South Africa. As per the latest stats, its valuation is around $ 68.7 Million.

The Objective

Extramarks wanted to implement a strategy that would help them boost their app installs. Infidigit identified that for this, ASO would play a major role. Apart from that, here were the objectives that were laid down:

  • Increase downloads by 100% from non-brand terms.
  • Improve the performance and visibility of the app on non-branded keywords.
  • Increase visitors by 200% to the app listing via non-branded keywords.

The Challenge

Extramarks Teaching App had quite a few competitors in the market. With some big names already present, Infidigit had to bring their A-game to meet the brand’s expectations. Infidigit had to take a holistic optimization approach that included keywords, visuals, UI & UX of the application, review management, content, technical, etc. Also, the app was relatively new, so it was a big challenge to outrank the key competitors.

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Do you want to boost your
mobile app performance?

Optimise your mobile app with our award-winning ASO strategies that will lead to higher rankings & installs on Play Store & App Store.

The Solution

After Infidigit had realized that the major part of its strategy would revolve around ASO, it created an entire campaign revolving around it which featured the following key points:

  • Keyword Research
  • App Title
  • App Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Screenshots
  • Technical Optimization
  • Review Management
  • Creative

Keyword Research

Infidigit started researching all the possible terms people might search for to discover the app.  Several search teams such as “Teaching app,” “online teaching app,” “teachers app,” etc. were targeted.

App Title

When it comes to App Store Optimization, the title of the application plays a vital role. With detailed competitive analysis, Infidigit added “online” as a critical term in the title to make it more relevant to the search terms.

App Short Description

The short description is not only about keywords but also acts as an invitation to the users, convincing them to download your app. Therefore, Infidigit optimized the short description after the competition analysis and keyword research.

Long Description

The play store allows the addition of 4000 characters and Infidigit understood that adding the most important keywords at the top has more relevance for Google than the ones placed at the bottom.


Screenshots help you showcase important key app features and highlights of the offerings. Post the analysis, actions such as adding eight screenshots on the play store and highlighting the text on the top of the screenshot were suggested.

Technical Optimization

The frequency of updating the listings on the app should neither be too much nor less. Because if you update your app too often, the search algorithms won’t have enough time to index your new keywords. And if you do the updates too rarely, you might miss new opportunities. Hence, finding the right balance was a crucial step in optimizing the app.

Review Management

Once the analysis was done in order to tackle the negative reviews, Infidigit bucketed the issues, which helped Extramarks to take the right actions. For example, there were a lot of reviews with logging issues which, once fixed, Infidigit saw a drop in reviews related to that issue.


The competition analysis not only showed Infidigit the importance of regularly updating the app but also how frequently a particular metric must be updated. For the same, Infidigit created an “App Update Frequency calendar” that helped the Extramarks technical team to keep up with the updates. This activity ultimately resulted in overall improved app performance.

The Result

After the strategies were laid out in a strategic manner, Infidigit witnessed the following results on the Extramarks Teaching app.

  • There was an increase in the store listing acquisitions on both Play and App stores.
  • In six months, more than 25 non-brand keywords were ranking in the top 10 positions on the Google Play store.
  • Extramarks Teachers app was also ranking in the top 10 positions for more than 15 non-brand keywords on the App store.
  • From nowhere in the education category, Extramarks Teaching app started ranking 74 on the Google Play store, within a period of six months.
  • The store listing visitors of the application saw a boost on both Play and App store.


Increase in Store Listing Acquisitions


Non-brand Keywords in the top 10 position for Google Play Store


Improvement in Category Ranking on Google Play Store


Increase in Store Listing Visitors

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Extramarks Teaching App ASO Case Study