How Infidigit Helped Traya Accelerate Its Revenue by 187% via SEO

The Client

Founded in 2019, Traya is an e-commerce website that provides expert hair care solutions for all the problems related to hair and scalp. It further provides online consultation and customized nutrition guidance to help consumers solve their hair issues with science-backed facts and solutions. The healthtech startup recently mops up $2.2M in a pre-series funding round.

The Objective

The primary objective of this campaign for Traya was to help it increase its revenue. Alongside that, there were two more goals which were:

  • Increase organic users by 500% in twelve months
  • Increase organic sessions by 500% in twelve months

The Challenge

Traya’s webpages were not compliant with Google’s algorithms, which is why the website health of the brand was not up to the mark. This was a major challenge in itself. Poor technical health issues such as duplication of product listing pages, lack of structured data, poor website navigation and poor blog layout had to be fixed first in order to drive organic traffic to the website through SEO.

The Solution

All the above-stated challenges were countered by a well-laid strategy by Infidigit. This plan included four major points:

  • Website Migration
  • Creating Knowledge Hub
  • Technical SEO
  • On Page and Off Page Optimization

Website Migration

The primary challenge for Infidigit was migrating Tatva to Traya. Website migration can result in significant traffic and revenue loss, which can last from a few weeks to several months if not planned and executed properly. With the help from Traya’s engineering team the migration was smooth enough to avoid any technical issues on the website.

Creating Knowledge Hub

In a constant effort to improve the brand recognition and organic traffic, Infidigit planned to create a knowledge hub around the hair care industry using the blogs section. With required support from Traya’s content writers, Infidigit managed to publish and rank a number of articles in a short span of time.

Technical SEO

With the blog functionality in place, Infidigit had the first of many breakthroughs. The next step was to optimize the website to make it technically stable and SEO friendly for future Google updates. The implementation of structured data, mobile friendliness, website navigation, improving UI/UX, website loading optimization with core web vitals and many more, were optimized for better user experience.

On Page and Off Page Optimization

On page & off page SEO forms the base of any SEO campaign. Infidigit suggested several on page SEO changes which assisted in improving the overall SEO health score of the website. For that, changes in title tags, header tags, URL structure, internal links, etc. were implemented. Off-page consisted of getting links from external websites to increase the crawling, backlinks and domain authority of the website.

The Result

After successfully implementing all the strategies, the following results were observed:

  • In eight months of engagement, Traya’s organic users showed a growth of 800%.
  • Due to constant content addition and technical implementation from Traya, Infidigit managed to increase the organic sessions by 600% of the website.
  • Within eight months, there were about 168 keywords ranking in the top 10 positions of the search results.


Increase in organic users


Increase in organic sessions


Keywords in top 10 position

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